Types of people during exams

It’s crunch time , exam dates loom , files become organised and all hell breaks loose. It’s that time of the year again where we must endure hours praying that osmosis occurred with our study notes or that we could all be Sheldon Cooper : EXAM TIME. It’s only half yearly exams but the concept still remains the same , among the hustle, bustle and stress their lies different types of people.

Exams 😒


This wonderful walking ball of stress , is as what the name implies :  mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances ( thank you google , can’t you write my exams for me?). So said person walks into school babbling away reciting notes that you have probably never even heard off and then they proceed to stress you out by convincing you how unprepared you are. Thus I have concluded that the stress factory type is contagious



Me reviewing for finals


This is probably my least favourite type , mostly because I want to be them. Walk in looking badass( if only leather jackets were school regulation) , pencils sharpened , mind focused , knowledge absorbed. Ahh this person is actually organised and have their shit together , quite unlike myself. I will never be this type , sadly although it is one to aspire too.



That's me before exams




Ahh these are almost like hippies , they ooze coolness and serenity for one of two reasons

1. they know they’re fucked anyway and have decided to embrace it

2. they are naturaly clever and wing everything and still do well ( I hate you you)

Hakuna Matata


okay forgive me for the lameness of that above title , but here you are you little lying evil manipulative twit. This type comes to school pretending never to have studied only to psych you out. So on the outside they are stress factories but on the inside they are overconfident overachievers who know all their work and do better than everyone but still pretended to not know anything. GAAAAH just be real with me man ( god that sounded ghetto)

Last night...

lastly you get the type known as


I don’t fit into a specific type but I am a combination of most of them , I start off stressing , get happy and confident when I understand something and lastly just accept that I am completely and utterly screwed.


In all seriousness good luck to everybody writing exams just relax and don’t be like me and study the morning before . The worst is yet to come , I mean it’s not like if you fail you will end up working at a fast food restaurant or anything? And also stay off twitter to avoid procrastination TRUST ME.

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