True calling? If you’re there , please shout , I am listening

The age old question : what do you want to do with your life?
At age 3 my answer was a clown (yes I am being totally serious right now) , at age 8: a veterinarian(my cat phase started at a very early age) at age 13 : a lawyer , defending those in need , at age 14: we don’t talk about life at age 14 (I was a directioner , they were dark , dark times) at age 16: who the hell knows?

The future stares at me with an ominous smirk , treading closer and closer and I can’t help but be afraid. How is it that every time I make a decision , I am reminded that I am just a child , what do I know anyway..And yet I am allowed to choose the path that sets the course for the rest of my life? My biggest fear would making the wrong choice , boxing myself in and being labelled with ” DO NOT BREAK THIS SEAL” when it really should be labelled “FRAGILE: SUBJECT TO CHANGE ( OF MIND THAT IS).”


How do you choose .. or do I get to be one of those people who are chosen by their passion? Do I get bitten by a radioactive spider and become a superhero or do I watch the microwave blow up because I left a metal spoon in and suddenly amidst the sparks decide that I want to design microwaves that are “metal safe” for a living?


Lastly how do I choose between doing what makes me happy and what makes me rich and by that logic happy? A part of me wants to be a struggling writer living off a penance and swimming in a pool off caffeine , bitterness , debt
but content and the other part wants to be rich and swimming in a pool of cash , cremrbrule , pride but regretful.

By the end of this year I probably will decide or instead the likelier one , have it decided for me. Apparently nothing is set in stone but I am pretty sure I may never find my true calling.

A doctor , A lawyer , A poet , A scientist , A hobo , Leader of the free world ,curer of cancer , inventor of the drink that outsells coke ? What will it be , life?  let me know .. call , text , email, tweet or just plain yell , I am waiting to know what my contribution to humanity will be.



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