We’re all clichés in our own way

Why hello there internet

I am sure you have heard of embracing your individuality , let your own uniqueness shine .. but are we really all that unique? Some facet of your personality , aspect of your life or thing you own is in fact clichéd !

They are all around us you see , clichés in romantic movies where you make out in the rain or how good always triumphs over evil. Take myself for example , I would love to think I am as unique as they come .. but is that true? Nope no not even in the least bit and here is why:

  • I am anti-social and pretty much live on my computer , scouring through tumblr , I mean that’s never been done before .. right?

Asi soy yo

  • My most obvious and glaring cliché would be the fact that I am nerd : one might say I walked straight out of an 80’s teen movie , what with my glasses, braces ( just not the head gear type) , love for technology , fairly good marks and constant requests to do others homework ( I expect payment up front)

  • I am probably going to be a cat lady , I know sometimes I say this as a joke but honestly with my lack of understanding and contact with the opposite sex , it is inevitable

Those are just some of my evident clichés but I am swimming in a pool of soo many more , granted they aren’t exactly the nice clichés like blonde hair and blue eyes , at the end of the say I would still like to embrace my clichés. They make me feel like I am not alone , but instead part of this collective group of weird people.

While we’re on the subject of clichés , I would just like to say I want that clichéd movie romance , despite the catlady future looming . This is probably due to my obsession with romantic comedies and guilty pleasure of reading sappy romance books , but honestly I want it all.

  • Either the love at first sight or heated love hate banter


  • the bad boy turned good or the funny , sweet nerd preferably who looks like Dylan O’Brien in the internship


  • the sappy declarations of love after an argument , it must be in the form of a poem or serenade if possible

And most importantly the above mentioned make out session in the rain , because obviously no one gets sick in the rain or it must really be worth it … Plus if i tried this one with my laptop or nutella I am pretty sure I would get some strange looks

There you have it , my life is probably going to be pathetic , as I now live vicariously though clichés , but oh well . The next time you think “wow , I am such a unique individual” just remember… You’re just like everybody else.

“It is a cliché that most clichés are true, but then like most clichés, that cliché is untrue.” – Stephen Fry

3 responses to “We’re all clichés in our own way”

  1. I loved the picture of Heath Ledger and the cat lady picture. Heehee “Feed me slut!” Oh that is brilliant!

    This post always reminds me of authors on wattpad who go: “I don’t want my characters to be cliche.” Then while reading it is like a checking off a checklist. When I write I add a cliche to the character because, like you said in the top of the article, everyone is a cliche at some point!

    Thank you for the lovely article that just reminds me: it’s good to be a cliche. Cliches are good.

    • Wow thank you( I thanked you .. what a cliché?), I am just glad someone agrees. People are always like ‘omg really , what a cliché ?’ and I have the urge to say ‘have you looked in the mirror lately. Everything different has already been done , at the end of the day just accept that things always happen for some reason or the other. So let’s go on being clichéd , it be oh so fun .

      • Exactly. I know when I was in highschool I tried to stay away from the “cliche” but that also costed me many potential friendships. Being cliche, at the time, may have seemed like a good idea but now? Nope.
        Cliche is always going to happen and realistically we can’t change it.

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