The joys of being sick

So obviously as usual , I was being sarcastic because being sick sucks. My body caved in , let the virus pass through and my so called soldier white blood cells set off to fight my battle . Ahh yes I am being over dramatic again , it’s just the common cold and i contracted this vile thing from my friends , one after the other we toppled. Now  sometimes , being sick does have its perks like staying away from school and special treatment from your mum but here is what being sick is to me:


1. My mother basically hands out a bunch of left over drugs from when my siblings were sick and has me injest them ,in the hopes that all will be well by the next day .. because you know , drugs solve everything.


2. Instead of your usual lazing in bed and watching cute romantic movies that make you re-evaluate your life , I get to study soil , computer networks and the affect of a force on an object and it’s acceleration. Yeah , my body chooses now , in the midst of the most important tests to fail me , just my luck.


3. My mum doesn’t make me chicken soup like in movies .. I get chicken noodle cup a soup . Thanks commercialised factory made soup , at least you care for me.

Sick today👎

4. instead of studying I go on to instagram and stalk ,and when I mean stalk I mean like clicking my way to a creepy yet hot foreigner who is most likely a paedophile. And another thing about instagram .. why are the girls so fake ? and I don’t mean the use of model- esque filters that wont do them much good when they go missing and we turn to instagram for their most recent picture and instead we find Barbie .. oh no , it is the comments you see and the constant you stunner or you beaut( where I come from it is spelt butte and is a landform in the karoo eroded from a mesa .. geography nerd humour) . The comments are from people who barely know each other , but all are attention seekers.

Life as a college student home for winter break - >>More photos on

5. I ponder the unknown . in-between puking my guts out and sniffling , I come top think of my death , as life will end , it is inevitable , but how exactly will I meet my maker? Will it be from the common cold or will I be remembered and marked by some horrid tragedy

(1) Likes | Tumblr

6. I eat whatever the hell I want , granted I do this all the time, I use being sick as an excuse to not feel guilty and quite possibly set myself up for obesity at the same time.

delicious ♥

So that’s basically what being sick is like for me , pretty dreadful and boring , so I beg thee oh white blood cells , work harder , defeat they enemy and let me be free of this wretched curse



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