My inner monologue when having to wake up for school

(P.S I am very overdramatic)

Three words “wake up Faatimah!” uttered repeatedly have the ability too jolt me back into reality , to face the inevitable and lie in the shattered remenance of my once real- like dreams. It all comes flooding back , school , homework , stress of expectations.So tightly in my safe , warm cocoon of blanket I lay wrapped  protected from my the cold and harsh winds. Maybe if I sit in the cocoon long enough , I’ll morph into a being that doesn’t need such a petty thing as education.I look to my left only to find my sister , the university go-er wrapped in her very own cocoon . Still and motionless , I envy her and her ability to say “been there done that” .

After all my hardwork , trying to convince myself it’s okay to just sit in bed all day , pretend I am  sick or just plain fall back asleep ,I do what I always have to do , I take that very famous leap : That’s one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind as I finally leave my bed and bare the cold reality.

Love sleeping♡


2 responses to “My inner monologue when having to wake up for school”

  1. Only thing worse might be…..the parent who doesn’t even need to be up but has to get up to make sure you get up. LOL>

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