Crushed by Crushes

By the title surely you can tell I am that heart wrenching stage in my life , whereby I have what is colloquially known as a crush. The whereabouts of my encounter are not to be disclosed but know one thing : I have yet to speak to him and it has turned me into this weird little observer with stolen glances. Note that I will see him every Saturday for two hours and I doubt I will ever speak to him.


Honestly I am beginning to understand why it’s called a crush , because every moment spent admiring , wondering but never knowing or speaking, crushes you inside . Sure it’s nice to have something to look forward to but really having a crush sucks and I mean he isn’t an Adonis or anything he looks cute , sort of nerdy and skinny and tall ( which is sadly my type) I thought I would be into this really hot buff guy , boy was I wrong.

Yeah so I need help on how to talk to a boy 101 and secondly maybe I should increase my grooming time before I leave the house so I won’t have a repeat of today’s hobo chic look.

Like dayy-umm

There you have it internet , I am crushed by my fairly recent crush ( 2 hours to be exact) the result of this will probably be nothing but I need to be clichéd once in a while and a girl can hope right?

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