Sometimes you screw up , you let the bull take you by the horns , let arrogance make it’s debut and in the end no one is happy.

I have had one of these ‘sometime’ moments and let’s just say it all backfired in my face. Have you ever heard of trigger? an action that sets something in motion. I am a trigger . Any desicion I make , however small it may seem at the time leaves a chain of drastic aftermath in it’s wake.

Well what does that mean for me? It means I lunge back into human nature : I play victim and wallow is my misery. Next I cry for about 2 hours under a sink and lastly I revert all blame to myself and thus is my chain of being.

At the end of the day , just as much as I want to feel sorry for myself and go on about how pathteitc and miserable my life maybe  , that is when I remember the most important thing : everyone has got their own shit to deal with , there is no point in over-dramtising my situation , because honestly no one cares , we’re all too pre-occupied piecing together the tiny fragments of our lives.

So here I face you the biggest network of screwed up human beings ( sorry but it is true) trying to come to terms with the consequences of my ‘sometimes’ moment.

LIFE is an open ROAD.



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