First day = accomplished

A sweltering heat beat down mixed with the high of expectations and long awaited reunions . The first day was like the 10 others I had attended before but coupled with the detrimental you’re in grade 11 it’s time to work hard speech. I eagerly awaited being sorted in my class and thankfully got an amazing registration teacher.It was much needed after the lonely old sap who gave us detention nearly every day last year , to me she is the poster child of why you NEED love in your life.  

In true Durban ( the city in which I reside) fashion it was 32 degrees and impossible to breathe . My night before was restless and inconclusive but my all my questions were answered today and yet I still couldn’t help but feel unprepared and disorganised. The scariest part was probably being put in the A English class with all my OLD classmates giving my judging glares as if I was not worthy to be on their standard again. I also found out that there would be a lot of Shakespeare themed events during the year and I couldn’t be more ecstatic

All in all it wasn’t as daunting as expected but a whole new year follows , plus I wanted to sleep in almost every lesson and when I got home slept for 2 hours straight. To motivate myself and any other students out there I leave you in the words of Mark Twain

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