CreatIvity sucked dry

The amount of drafts that have been pilling up in my dashboard and well remaining unfinished is just appalling. Ever since school started my imagination and some resemblance of writing ability has abandoned me , leaving me dry , barren and blog-post-less . A week ago my mind was a hub of new intuitive ideas and now it has all turned to mush and I blame maths and physics but without further ado here is a ridiculously pointless recap of my recent live events ( I am a very boring person)


We can start of with my back , lower neck and shoulders and why you may ask ? THE DREADED SCHOOL BAG HAS BROKEN THEM! I am currently on the verge of becoming the hunchback of Notre dam ,  am hyped up on painkillers and having my mother lather some dodgey looking Chinese remedy all over my upper body. You see here in uncivilised barbaric Africa we don’t have lockers to place our books in but everything gets piled up in a measly bag and well your body literally bears the burden of a lifetime , constantly carting books to endure the pains of homework and scrutiny. So yes I am in need of a massage or appointment with a | via Facebook


so there’s this thing known as the RCL ( representative council of leaners) and each class gets their own representative to voice their thoughts and opinions on school matters and we get to vote , it’s all very political minus the petty corruption and use of propaganda. My class voted and we got the same RCL we had the year before and it was all well and good … but here lies the matter of the deputy and she happens to be typing this . The deputy is basically a shoe-in and with thankfully less responsibility but it also voted upon by the class and the best part is that I was chosen unanimously which is pretty rare in these cases . I couldn’t help but feel loved by my fellow peers. Who knows I  might have a career in politics after all , well the good kind , is there really any good kind?

Le gouvernement n'est pas la solution a nos problème, le gouvernement est le probleme. Ronald REAGAN 40e Président des USA


last year I was notorious for being the ultimate slacker , I was the girl either begging to copy your homework or not even bothering to make a failed attempt to copy and thanks to the whole measles debacle I didn’t even have a chance to redeem myself in my final exams . Thus prompted the turning over of a new leaf , I now sit right in the front and strive to complete my homework everyday ( we can forget todays incident of not doing any Afrikaans homework , sweep it under the rug if you will).

Try thigs in your life <3

Also I might have a social life with a few parties on the horizon but I won’t get too eager. My 16th birthday also happens to be in two weeks but I am trying the whole hipster outlook and have concluded that the whole sweet 16 extravaganza is overrated and unnecessary and have opted for a family dinner and shopping spree instead.

That being typed and aired out I have decided to retire to my bed at this early hour due to permanent exhaustion and I hope everybody is well 🙂

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