the night before syndrome

If you’re a teenager and you still go to school (which is more than likely) than you probably suffer from the night before syndrome . Yes fellow students in need I’m talking about the night before school . My summer holiday lasted 6 weeks and then back to the ominous brick building to further my education I shall go .Aware of my imminent return to a new grade my mind goes into overdrive concocting ludicrous scenarios and overthinking to max but what does this mean for my little brain ? NO SLEEP

Those 2 words shall forever more haunt me , I have to be awake in 5 hours and instead I’m here blogging about my insatiable thoughts and why you may ask ? One because the internet says writing out my feelings will help me sleep and two because I haven’t blogged in forever and now seemed like a better time than ever . But what could be going through my mind at such an hour , well here’s your very own sneak peek : Who will my physics teacher be ? Who will I sit next too ? Will this year suck ? I better pay attention if I want A’s , ooooh pizza (I’m super hungry) , would this be a cool blogging topic (I then proceeded to write this in my head) , damn will I ever fall asleep ? Is Justin back with Selena just because she has Lupus (I don’t even know where this one came from) .

All I’m saying is I guess I need some reassurance and hot milk maybe but sleep mostly and good luck (wish me luck 11th grade (junior year ) and I’m mortified )
Also if you suffer from this syndrome let me know , maybe we could start a support group . Here’s a rationalisation given by my friend on overthinking “It’s just that intelligent people given time and nothing else to do will over analyse stuff”

Night or morning or whatever I probably feel better now and who knows maybe I can actually sleep with peace of mind that the world knows how insane I am (stranger things have worked )

One response to “the night before syndrome”

  1. I, more than likely, suffer from this so-called illness on more regular basis i.e. the night before every day of school…yeah, come to think of it, it may just be insomnia

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