According to this thing with days and numbers , I think it might be called a calendar or whatever but it states that tomorrow , yes tomorrow will be new year’s eve. Look how time has caught up to us soo quickly . In order to seem smart and well a know it all ,I have decided to first blog about 3 things that changed my life this year , you cool with that? aww really well you didn’t have a choice anyway (kidding I love you so please read this , it is for a worthy cause known as my ego)

1. Meeting Troye Sivan ( this really cool actor/singer/youtuber)

So there happens to be this book series called ” spud” and dear old Troye here plays the titular character and it’s all proudly South African so they did press tours at local schools , and I just happen to go to one . My friend and I fangirled all morning and decided that the 10th of June would be a day to remember and we would get a hug , autograph, picture and tweet ( a bit much don’t you think) . So the assembly came and went and only those would spud books were allowed to go meet the cast but did that stop us ? no , hell no . We plucked up the courage and snuck in , and once we were there well we got everything we ever wanted right down to the tweet ! Looks like being an optimist really paid off. Check out his latest video summing up 2013 , I promise you won’t regret it :


2. Bloggerdom

This year, well very close to the end in fact I started my journey into bloggerdom , all the bottled up feelings, misconceptions , ideas and belts of imagination have found  their way on to this very page and in the off chance that people might actually be interested in my fascinations and delusions it sparked this very tenacious and eager side of me . I came, I saw, I typed.

3. New Friends

I started grade 10 this year which meant a lot of change … so I chose these things called subjects that I will miserably study for the next 3 years od my life and so this meant separation. We’re all different and this remained true for me and my friends.

First up we the resident loud-mouth who’s views on race  , religion and well life were buried deep in unchartered waters , but in the end no matter the situation she was always a shoulder to cry on .She also doubled up as my physics buddy which meant we spent more time swapping ludicrous ideas than actually paying attention.

For so long I though I was alone in my knowledge of extensive pop culture, that is until I met my partner  in crime with regards to the whole Troye Saga. Now when I find out some intriguing bit of information I am able to discuss it , fangirl and not be alone in the wait for much anticipated books and movies , not to mention she doubles as a fashion guru .

Last but not least is my best friend who If I may say is as short and feisty as me. Our friendship was not an instant whirlwind, I’d know of her existence for over a year and it made no difference to me and then came a bonding session over douche-y boys and clichéd teenager that cemented the beginning of a beautiful friendship . In many way she is also my opposite , but hey opposites attract right?Love this ❤

Thus concludes my very brief reflections , yeah I don’t lead a very interesting life but hopefully I will have a lot more next year. I am also done blogging about 2013 , 2014 and new years , I have done the topic to death. So Happy New year everyone ( even if I am extremely early)


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