New Years resolutions for 2014

So before you begin reading about my insanely stupid and or random resolutions , vote in my poll so I may get feedback about how you feel . See not everything is about me and my life. But yeah back to me , I have comprised a list of 15 resolutions that  I hope to accomplish during 2014 , the likelihood of this is probably one in a million , alas I will strive and do my best and well do a follow up post at the end of next year.

1. Be a better Muslim

This is one that is very important to me and I am sure that anybody of any faith would understand the need to better yourself for a higher power. But if you’re atheist (like some people I know) well then I shall pray for you.

2. Not get a contagious disease or infection during final exams

If you know me or have read my posts you would know final exams pretty much sucked because I contracted German measles , so I would like it if my body would behave and my little anti-bodies fought as hard as the could so I could actually stand a fair chance at writing my exams.

3. try and be nicer to mankind

Turns out I am actually kind of a bitch , so to turn over a new leaf I need to be nicer to those around me , after all it’s not their fault that their all arrogant , pathetic excuses for human beings

4.Attempt to exercise

While I am not obese or anything , I am one of the laziest people in existence . In an effort to create a newer , healthier me it requires exercise , plus it wouldn’t hurt if I could walk up the stairs at school and not break a sweat.

5. Spend less time on electronic devices

Just recently my grandmother came to stay over and I realised just how attached to technology I really am … and maybe superbly anti-social . So I guess it’s time embrace the sunlight and go outside for long periods of time . This will be my hardest task yet

6. Kick ass at school

This purely meant academically , I need to amp my focus and actually do homework this year, wish me luck?

7. Don’t let people walk all over me

I have a habit of giving in and always saying yes to people who just use me anyway , it’s high time I stood up for myself

8. Reach 1000 hits on my blog

I am currently at around 305 , soo it would mean the world to me to just get to that major milestone

9.Get a job

when I turn 16 , the first thing I want is a job . I feel terrible always asking my parents for money and  it would be amazing to think I actually had a purpose.

10.  Get an A in maths

I have achieved this feat before , but it is becoming increasingly difficult , nevertheless , it must be done

11. Win Shakespeare quiz

My love for Shakespeare is undeniable so accomplishing this would be a total ego booster , plus I could get full colours

12. Focus less on judging people

This one really should be higher up on the list but I always seem to forget it . I have no right to judge people , yet I do it anyway, so cutting back is always a good start

13. Grow

Constantly I am told of how short I am , as if I didn’t own a damn mirror . At the moment I am 1.53 m ( I don’t know about ft.) and maybe just maybe I shall encounter some miraculous growth spurt so here’s hoping.

14. Become friends with someone I despise

I have always liked a challenge and well this one seems as difficult as they come , plus maybe the person would be a great friend and I just didn’t put aside my distaste to find out .

15. Loosen up

I stress too much and care too much about anything and everything . So moving into a new year sometimes I need to remember to let loose and try not to control the uncontrollable.

Thus concludes my new years resolutions , will I succeed ? and what does 2014 have in store for me? Only time will tell


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