Sheet Mask or Serial killer? 7 brands I’ve tried + mini review

DISCLAIMER: I am just a girl who really likes skincare and in particular masking(my flaws, my fat and my skin). I am no expert and have oily to combination skin.

Korea was CLEARLY influenced by American Psycho

Unless you have been living under a dehydrated, flaky skincare rock, you have probably heard about sheet masks, which are arguably sweeping the shelves and the nation over the past 3 years. They originated in South Korea and Japan and have gained global popularity, but is it just a gimmick or is looking like Hannibal Lecter truly worth the GLOW?

Here are some facts you should know about them to start off with:

Personally, I have used a lot more than just the 7 brands I will go into detail about, including once off from DAISO (Japan) and it is safe to say my tiny face adores them. Every 2 for 3 sale at dischem or clicks CALLS my name and I will continue to purchase a multitude of them. I think it is important to note that they treat the skin from within and it is not going to make acne magically disappear, it will however improve brightness and texture of the skin and definitely add the hydration boost which is very needed over the winter months. So, don’t go into this craze thinking your pimple days are gone for good. It is also great as you can use a mask for your targeted skin care concern, although I seem to have ALL the concerns.

TONY MOLY (gifted to me by family, but available at )

Masks used: Skin soothing (Tea Tree) and Brightening( Lemon)

Application and packaging : The packaging is ADORABLE and very worth the bulkier length, once you remove it from the packet it is also easy to gently peel apart and apply to the face and has ample excess serum to apply to the neck.

Rating: (scale used is ___ / 7BTS MEMBERS)

Price Point: At around R55, it is up there in terms of cost but on par with South African brands but FAR better. Look out for packs and sales, they are really worth it then.

7/7! I used the brightening one the night before Eid and my skin was sublime( get it because lemons and brightening). My make up applied flawlessly over and it was dewy and soft.

SEPHORA COLLECTION (well, available at sephora for now)

Masks used: Algae and Aloe Vera

Application and packaging: It is a much smaller packet, which makes it ideal for travelling and generally being on the go. The peelability is also great and it didn’t require rocket scientist level skills. It did feel a little big for my face though( but most usually are)

Price point: very hard to determine since it is not local, at around 6 dollars, even overseas, I would say it is NOT worth it at that price.

Rating: 6.5/7

I vividly remember using the Algae mask before a really long day, I had lectures and then a test in the evening and wore no make up whatsoever but received compliments on how bright and full my face looked, which as a student is the BEST alternative to “you look tired”

KOCOSTAR SLICES (also gifted by family but supposedly available here: )

Masks used: Cucumber and Rose

Application and Packaging: This is a very unique mask that cosmopolitan South Africa called instagrammable. As opposed to the serial killer-esque look it has fun circular (usually) mini sheets that you place on key area on your face. It is a little tricky to apply and confusing but I guess it looks super cute?

Price Point: LET US JUST NOT GO THERE, almost R70 on Fruugo? You are looking to get ripped off, probably best purchased at a Sephora overseas.

Rating: 5/7

They definitely only got an extra point up for cuteness, but overall it did feel good on the skin and relaxing, however not the most powerful in terms of improvement and less effective.

SORBET GROUP (Available at clicks, definitely look out for 3 for 2 sales)

Masks Used: Cleansing Spot and Blemish Face mask

Application and Packaging: The packaging is colorful and bright, also compact enough but not as aesthetically appealing as tony moly or travel friendly as sephora. It does outline what is contained within the serum which I do like. It applied well to the face and I had no issues.

Price point: R55, (only worth it when 3 for 2, otherwise authentic Asian brands do the trick better for cheaper) – YEAH I KNOW THEY ARE MADE IN KOREA TOO

Rating: 5/7

I really wanted to like this a lot more, but considering it contained salicylic acid, I expected it to pack more of a punch, especially since I did have a few small breakouts on my skin. I know there should be continued use for true realistic results, but I think my expectations were too high from previous masks and the price


Notably, I have not dabbled much with ponds skincare but also purchased this at Dischem under the guise of a 3 for 2 sale ( I have a problem , I KNOW)

Masks Used: Skin Brightening Serum Mask

Application and Packaging: The metallic colours are indeed attractive and size is akin to that of sorbet, so it is entirely adequate and mentions what is contained inside. I had an issue with application of the mask, which I am no pro (I will try and link the Chinese guys Tik-Tok video that had ME SHOOK) but having used so many and never had this problem I was upset. It felt like it was tearing in my hand, leading me to believe the fibers were not of good quality

video in question on HOW TO APPLY A SHEET MASK:


Rating: 4/7

As these are probably made at a low cost in Korea, just to cater to a South African market, I don’t think they are as effective as other brands but I could also be a little biased. Overall, it is a good once off mask and solid attempt if you don’t want to go the extra mile to get Asian sheet masks AND definitely worth a try when on sale

BONUS: MINISO SHEET MASKS – HARD TO FIND BUT I GOT 3 FOR R30 (R10 a mask and they were a solid 4/7)

and BEAUTY TREATS at dischem (look out for the ones made in korea, they’re a lot like the MINISO ones)

Well that concludes my round up and endless rambling about sheet masks, I hope you found it at least a little worth your time and if you did read it, may you be blessed with plump, glowy and smooth skin!

I look forward to trying all the other brands I can get my hands on, seeing as a new brand pops up every two seconds (Especially local brands trying to get on the hype train and *cough* paying our influencers too much *cough*

P.S: also has some pretty cool kbeauty products and masks at really affordable prices!

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