Leadership training

I feel lost with the blogging world which is ironic since school is basically over, but I guess you could say I had some semblance of a social life in light of recent events. My family from overseas randomly popped over and I’ve been spending every waking moment with them , while still being a nerd and attending school.

Today was the most tiring of all and here’s why :

At my school we don’t have ordinary prefects , we have different departments subdivided into categories based on their duties and we’re called “leaders”. After applying, I landed the position of an HR in case you’re wondering , yes that stands for human resources and basically my job entails bossing around other learners when their uniform or conduct is inappropriate. Sounds like fun right? except for the part where everyone hates you and you’re on show 24/7. Nevertheless I did sign up for the daunting task and had to attend a mandatory leadership training seminar kinda thing.Ořıgìňąłĺý


It took place today from 12pm to 7pm and to sum it up in one sentence I’d say it was 7 hours of life orientation and watching a dog poop twice. Not exactly a regular day. We started of with boring lectures telling us how important we are and moved on to individual sessions with teachers.

Interestingly enough I learnt a lot about myself and what kind of person I am in certain situations and it was a real eye opener. I found out that I am a ‘cow’ during conflicts and no , it’s not what you’re thinking. A cow is someone who likes to keep the peace and gives in but gets treated like a doormat and eventually unleashes pent up frustration with disastrous results ( how’s that for intense?) , I’m currently worried about my state of mind and have decided to stand up for myself more often.

Oh yeah and my principals dog was there , his name is Maximus Reginald but he’s a small little buggar who sees a floor and thinks it’s a toilet.

I’d say I’m in for a long and hard year in grade 11 but I also need to relax and celebrate the impending summer holidays , I’m also really sad that my favourite tv shows are going on breaks and I’m sitting at home this holiday while others jet off to exotic locations :(. Watch the youtube video by Troye Sivan , ‘summer: Expectations vs. reality’ he gets me.Troye Sivan (troyesivan) on Twitter Troye and his dainty hands while he sleeps.



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