Kdramas: A Journey 


If you spend any considerable amount of time on the Internet and consider yourself a Television connoisseur much like myself, then you would have heard of K dramas. A.K.A Korean dramas. What was once a niche fandom, has exploded in recent years, Kpop as well has quite literally(yeah ted mosby is yelling at me for using it in this fashion) taken over the globe. 

I was very skeptical at first, and was blinded by only mainstream white romances given to me on screen and the occasional Bollywood extravaganza. There was a whole world of fluff I let go unnoticed and it truly is a shame that I came this far in life without them. 

While I was on YouTube about a month ago, doing my general browsing and binging, a video recommendation came up. “5 easy k dramas to get into for beginners” and my heart was set. At first the subtitles are bit disconcerting, the bright lights of Seoul attack your senses and so the campy effects and THEY REALLY LOVE SCREAMING. The characters are over the top in every manner, effects almost cartoonish and it just takes time to adjust to the unfamiliar cultural ways. Once you let yourself become immersed, there is no escape.  

Korean men dazzle you with their dewy skin, soft hair and coat + polar neck combos leave you WEAK. Seriously, Koreans are SO insanely fashionable, and it’s really cold it seems so it’s a plus for me in terms of modest clothing ideas. The actions are lively and the romances are sickly sweet but in all the best ways. It’s like cotton candy, you know you shouldn’t devour it, but once your start, you can’t stop yourself.. you might even reach for seconds. 

The first time drama I watched, resulted in me sleeping at 6AM, in pursuit of finishing it. They’re quite nifty and around 16 hours of pure enjoyment, and one season so no nasty cliffhangers but just expected romantic fulfillment. About 6 more dramas down the line, I don’t know who I was before them. I can speak a little Korean and can mimic iconic mannerisms and gestures, my soul is no longer my own but rather in SEOUL(see what I did there?) and a me a stereotypical Apple customer, finds myself attracted to ridiculous Samsungs. I’ve learned about concepts such as “second lead syndrome”, made memes from certain poetic scenes and mostly irritated the hell out of my friends with my constant Kwoes.

I can’t even describe how light and committed I feel when I start a new drama(also not all are good, I will attest to this) but hits all the tingly heart pleasure centers and I radiate positivity, that is when I’m not screaming at my screen when some utterly ridiculous obstacle gets in the way of my OTP(so about every five seconds roughly)

I’d recommend them to anyone who LOVES ROMANCE, sassy characters and who is willing to get to know a different culture with an non judgmental lens and also ready to never have a social life again. They’re progressive and fresh there is one for almost every mood, time period or ridiculous scenario. You might wonder how far back American TV really is and if you’re not too risqué this is as PG as it gets, I assure you and strangely, rather insightful. 


2016 in a nutshell

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Finally, we have reached the pinnacle end to the traumatic disgrace of a year that is 2016. Honestly, personally and publicly this year has been an absolute suck fest, but I did feel better knowing I was not alone in this. Alas, my yearly round-up is here to summarize a few pop culture tidbits. I have done extensive research and put tons of thought into my choices (this is a lie but you will deal)

Song Of The Year: I usually can never choose just one, so here are two songs that were probably overplayed on the radio and still linger in your head:

Closer- The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Black Beatles- Rae Sremmurd ft.Gucci Mane (THAT GIRL IS A REAL ROUND PIZZA)

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Best Movie: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Call me unjust and biased and I will merely shrug it off, because this movie is the true shining gem of 2016. It captivated audiences and while feeling familiar was breathtakingly new. Newt charmed us with awkwardness and wit, the niffler stole our hearts, Credence demanded our hugs and JK Rowling went to the bank with our money. If you’re sceptical about this one, just give it a try and I hope you won’t be disappointed.

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Worst Movie: Sausage Party 

Great concept I am sure, but traumatic and distasteful nevertheless.

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Best Animation: Zootopia

This movie wins hands down for me, it managed to capture delightful puns, important social messages, adorable animals and catchy tunes.  It is truly the perfect formula for a winning animation for all ages to enjoy.

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Actor Of The Year: Rami Malek

Usually, I choose an up and coming movie star , but this year I will hand it to T.V. The now Emmy winner (FIRST PoC WINNER FOR BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA IN 18 YEARS(as long as I have been alive))  first made me swoon years ago in Night At The Museum , then surprised and perplexed me as Elliot Alderson and will soon gain ultimate stardom by portraying iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury (so damn glad the role went to a PoC). Rami is talented and successful a true trailblazer to keep an eye out on.

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Actress Of The Year: Margot Robbie

As much as I hate to admit it, the screen siren stole the screen this year most notably with her perfectly demented portrayal of Harley Quinn. This Hollywood “It girl” is more than here to stay.

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Scandal: Kim Kardashian/ Taylor Swift video feud

I do not have the time to rehash this whole entire mess and honestly I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

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Viral Sensation: Mannequin Challenge


Joke Of The Year: Donald Trump being elected President Of The “Free World”

Oh, how I wish this was a real joke but as seen, clowns are running around ruining lives and this is no exception. My mind hasn’t fully grasped the concept of American idiocy. This is quite possibly the most 2016 thing to ever happen, only time will tell what the ominous future holds.

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Alright, I give up I am going to gloss up my lips with my non-existent Kylie Lip Kit, throw some shade, take some L’s , dab away the sadness and try to pick up the shard remnants of my life in 2016. I hope it treated you better than it did the world.

ill-fated T.V couples

You’re lying if you’ve never wanted that one couple to be together despite all the torture and torment they might have had to endure over the seasons . You yearned for every stolen glance ,kiss or even hug. Today I thought I might enlighten  cyberspace on a few of my favourite ill-fated couples and what qualifies them to obtain such an attribute. Noted this is biased and has caused me a lot of pain over my few years on this planet. Some shows are off the air already , but I have taken it upon myself to get a further T.V education and indulge in such whims.  Who to chose was super difficult for me and I consulted a dear friend of mine , who is possibly an even bigger T.V head than me

Mark and Lexie – Greys anatomy

First up this brings tears to my eyes just to think about and that qualifies them to be ill-fated and downright tragic. The odd pairing was filled with bursts of humour and  declarations of love at the very last moment. Mark A.K.A Mc steamy is plainly put a non-committal womanizer with lots of experience and Lexie is the sweet , innocent and neurotic little sister of Meredith .They really shouldn’t work but they do and this is the one instance in which I am willing forgive the ginormous age gap because love knows no age (look at me getting all sentimental and mushy). But like all ill-fated couples something always stood in their way and then you get to that point where you know they love each other and they should just be together buuuut BAMN plane crash , Lexie fatally wounded , Mark crying yet comforting and two beloved characters DEAD and of course me not willing to face reality . Shonda Rhimes really knows how to toy with my emotions.

My Favorite Grey's Moments | via Tumblr

Wow I never knew how much this topic was going to depress me but I shall soldier on and discuss another heart-breaking pair.

Ryan and Marissa – The O.C

They were from different worlds , Ryan being from the wrong side of the tracks and Marissa from her perfect Newport bubble. From their first meeting you saw sparks linger in the air and anticipated a star-crossed ,passion fuelled romance and that’s exactly what we got plus minus a few break-ups , obsessed friends , pregnant ex’es , deranged brothers , drug addictions and quick tempers. So just your standard , run of the mill couple problems right? and yet Ryan and Marissa conquered it all until the end of season 3 and the ripping out of my heart . You look at them and think WOW  this couple can go though soo much and still love each other to no end , unless that is , the end for one of them comes. Yes , I am talking about the death of Marissa Cooper and how Ryan held her in his arms for the last time. It’s one thing for both to die , but to leave one without the other is just cruel.

The OC

Logan and Veronica (LoVe) – Veronica Mars

I just recently delved into the scandalous lives of Neptune’s citizens and to say I was hooked , is an understatement. Who doesn’t love a little clichéd love-hate relationship with witty and sarcastic dialogue to keep you rolling with laughter? Logan and Veronica are just that , but they are as ill-fated as they come . Firstly he dated her best friend who was murdered and she dated his best friend and their best friends were incidentally siblings .. a bit awkward don’t you think? Nevertheless they are and always  will be meant to be . They are there for each other dating or not and they’re both deeply flawed individuals but together they are perfect . Plus Logan landed himself in jail just so he could beat up the guy who hurt Veronica , regardless of violent tendencies , Logan is swoon-worthy and according to my T.V head of a friend , he is like Ryan( mentioned above) and Seth meshed into one so perfect right? But there were no sunshine and butterflies for  my favourites as the final season ended in an ambiguous look.. never fear though on March 14th the movie shall be released and I am still holding out for Veronica and Logan ( I will probably end up in a ball crying out my very last tear if it doesn’t happen).

no one writes songs for the ones that come easy

Chuck and Sarah – Chuck

If you’ve never watched this show , I feel for you terribly as it one of the greatest , action packed and hilarious shows I have seen to date and trust me I have watched a lot of T.V. The titular character end ups falling for his “pretend girlfriend” agent Sarah Walker and it’s just as obvious to everyone besides her that she loves them too . But the spy life is filled with constant danger , long lost loves and terrible timing , not exactly obstacles for a normal couple to overcome ? Plus Chuck is the quint-essential computer nerd with an interesting friend, whereas Sarah is the male fantasy with a shady past and trust issues , their quirks are what make them work  but also what ultimately brings them down . The ending for me was bitter sweet as Sarah lost her memory and we don’t know if the whole true loves kiss brought her back to Chuck .. It’s times like this where I am the optimist , hard to believe right?

Chuck & Sarah - Chuck Wallpaper (14955201) - Fanpop

There are like a billion more couples who fit the bill but I am a.) too lazy to list them all and b.) my heart has ached enough just posting this one. The only way that I can think of to truly come to terms with my grief (as if I were them) is to somehow , someday become a writer on a hit teen tv series and torture millions of viewers the way I was .. so beware one and all.


If you have stumbled upon my blog , welcome you are now my subject dear, dear friend. If you haven’t noticed by the title I am highly hyped on coffee and enjoy regaling my thoughts and opinions. Surprisingly I am interested in both entertainment news(celebrities, movies, TV and books) as well as current affairs (politics , war and natural disasters). So if you’re interested in either or both you have found your home oh, and I might also add in a few tips and advice but I am in no way qualified to give it so , follow with caution. With all the formalities out of the way , let the games begin.