A very Gilmore Review

Sleep deprived, hyper and most ardently seeking coffee is the person you have before you typing this post. I couldn’t have planned it better if I tried , soon you might just find me stress tap dancing in my kitchen.

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As one can tell by the rather blatant title, yours truly is just hot off the heels of binging the ever so sought after Gilmore Girls revival and well THINGS NEED TO BE DISCUSSED.

Letting myself dive into the lives of our favourite Star’s Hollow dwellers felt like inviting and old friend back into my life, gathering around a crackling fire on a chilly night and chowing down on a thick based cheesey pizza. It felt like home. 6 hours later and a mild lost cat scare and here we are.

The twinkling lights draping the city were enough to enamour me, but with most things there are often the good and the bad and for me this year revivals have not fared well after travesty that was The Cursed Child(although redeemed by Fantastic Beasts and where to find them).

Let’s get the bad out the way then:


Are we doomed to see Rory as a cheater ever since the end of season 2 Jess kiss or the season 6 Jess kiss ? (not the ever so present factor being Jess). The whole relationship while being compassionate and cute at times, just did not feel right at all, not to mention they were both in committed relationships, the engagement being bigger than pitiful and dimwitted Paul (should I say pete??). I am not entirely sure why I expected more from Rory, but I guess it doesn’t get more lost and downtrodden than being a geisha. By fall, I was rooting for them but their artsy and enchanting goodbye didn’t feel like their ending. ALSO THE PREGNANCY AND HIM BEING THE LIKELY DAD? I am sort of unsettled by it all and really hungry right now, so it could be a combination of both.

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This one is just a personal and petty reason. Jess was likely one of my favourite characters and watching Milo bring back the same youthful zest made me feel that spark again, but he was downplayed and not given enough screen time and as a Jess/Rory shipper it was deeply unsatisfying, I will however keep playing the yearning look into the window scene on repeat and let myself dream and appreciate that Jess is truly the only person who can guide Rory when she is most lost.



As a fan of the show, I very much understand that almost 70% of the 153 episodes revolved and thrived on weird subplot, but the lengthy town musical scenes were just boring me as opposed to enthralling me.The next turn came in the form of Rory’s wild and beautiful night out with the gang from Yale and yes while enchanting, it felt like an excuse to watch rich white people, do rich white people things(not that I did not enjoy the dashing Finn’s triumphant return). Lastly, the many cameos from previous co-stars felt a bit forced in some ways.



Stars Hollow is famous for many things but racial diversity doesn’t seem to be one them and you would think maybe ten years or so later that would have changed, but on screen I may have seen about 3 PoC in a sea of caucasity.

On to the good stuff


Seeing as I was a measly two years old when the show premiered, many of the famous and witty pop culture references went straight over my head. It felt good to see them blurt out things like Khaleesi and Doctor Who and I finally felt apart of their verbal sparring.

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Forget every complex character you have ever known in books and television and just appreciate the creation that is Emily Gilmore. At times you want to maul her and others she has you in stitches. For me it really felt like she came full circle with journey after Richard’s death and it felt ever so fulfilling to watch her call the DAR out on their bullshit and invite an entire family to live with her. SHE FINALLY KEPT A MAID.


A show centered around relationships is bound to thrust you into the feels every now and then and the four part mini-series is no exception. Every fight had, tear shed or I love you said had me straight back into my emotional centre; heart warmed and infuriated all the same. WE ALSO NEEDED THAT WEDDING, WE WAITED 16 YEARS THANK YOU VERY MUCH.


My dearest quirky Kirk, so wonderfully portrayed had me giggling anytime he was on screen, when it was his failed “ooo-ber” venture or simply curating the most beautiful glitter wedding, he did not disappoint.

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Fall did end on a very open ended cliffhanger, leaving potential for a next season but I did gain a certain degree of closure.Paris and Doyle’s relationship while having disintegrated felt realistic(as opposed to Lane and Zach caught up in domestic bliss) and I was so thrilled to see fierce Paris be a mother and climb the many staircases in her life. The Dean Scene felt so gratifying considering how shoddily his character was treated in later seasons. He was an upstanding and thriving  family man like we always knew he would be and there was a mutual understanding with him and Rory on the  subject of first loves. Lastly, Rory writing her book based on their lives(nudged and prompted by the lovely Jess of course) genuinely excited me and made sense for her journey of self discovery, I do however wonder how the pregnancy will fit in and am weary of the Lorelei/Rory life parallels.

As as writer,  I respect Amy and Dan as well as admire them for their contribution to television and their unique formats. It has been a true sight to behold all these years and so I must also respect that they decide where our characters and story leads and be thankful for being allowed to share in the magical and whimsical world of Stars Hollow yet again.

For now, I am probably going to read some much needed fanfiction and fan theories, I shall leave you with this





“DOBBY IS A FREE ELF” – the different ways to spend the end of High School

As I have mentioned only about 600 times by now , HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER AND BEHIND ME( that is until January 6th when my results are released). Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have normal school years that run from January to December ( we are sadly not privileged enough to have 3 months of summer holiday , be grateful) . Now however due to our extra time and need to just be free and come to terms with being unemployed (yes I used this joke , despite it being in poor taste and out of context) , we seek out ways to spend our days . Here are some of the possible scenarios occurring at this very moment .My data was obtained through twitter polls (which I think were invented purely for advertisers but helps make trusty life decisions) and drawing on my personal knowledge)


So first up , rage is a sort of party festival type thing that takes place in my home city and was created purely for matrics to let loose among the myriads of alcohol while “dancing” against each other to some form of electro-music . Definitely not my scene and if I did attend my mother would call every hour to check if I was alive , but it seems to appease the masses and I hope it meets their expectations. This also about the closest South African teenagers get to American High school red cup parties (not that I would know)


Perhaps others ,but not me have the restraint to not watch series and movies during the exam period and have now built up this massive pile of things to watch. So the ultimate marathon begins , the real test of speed , strength , agility and endurance. My advice is not to burn out too quickly ,pace yourself and stay hydrated because there’s a long journey ahead.


Pretty self explanatory I’d say . The ultimate hibernation for the summer holidays , oh the irony.


If you’re lucky enough you  get to be whisked off to foreign lands and experience different cultures and you know probably never have a summer romance like in books and movies.


I truly respect people who work hard to earn their own money and have purpose to their days. Unfortunately , I am unable to join the working folk as no one will employ a 17 year old with no matric certificate.



This is basically what I have been attempting to do in between all the YouTube spirals . Recently I was a hypocrite as after telling people not to burn their notes but rather recycle , we had a mini bonfire where we burnt a few notes (little I promise) and I cannot describe the feeling of pure bliss I experienced while watching trigonometry notes become engulfed by flames. Seeing as there will be a splitting of my little pangea of friends , I want to maximize my time with them.

That’s about all my little mind can muster , I just hope everyone is just letting loose any way they know how and enjoying a semi-stress free environment.

Actual picture from me this holiday

I have new FRIENDS

Hello cyber-spacers , the best kind of people there are

So recently due to my lack of faith in new TV shows what with their vampires , aliens and zombies I resorted to going retro and well what can I say I am loving it. My new friends are the rag-tag group namely Monica, Rachel, Phoebe, Joey, Chandler and Ross.

If you haven’t caught on by now , I m talking about the 10 season run of the hit show ‘Friends’ and I am now doomed to watch new T.V shows because of their mediocrity in comparison. I thought I might do an extremely brief character profile on each of them and in what way I identify.

keep in mind I have only just finished the second season.

Monica – I feel as if she is the mum of the group , always policing them with her OCD tendencies and amazing chef skills. I relate because I to am a neurotic mess with a failing love life ( although that would require having one) .

Rachel- hello rich girl who eventually had to wake up and smell the coffee , but she’s got Ross pining over her and good looks to get by on. Her love for fashion is where I can relate , although it’s 90’s fashion and well I lived in the 90’s for 1 year and 11 months…

Phoebe- the ditsy blonde with a terrible singing voice but an ability to make everybody feel smart and happy. To be honest I don’t really have anything in common with her , but she reminds me a lot of my best friend and I suppose that counts for something.

Joey- Joey, Joey , Joey , my favourite Italian ❤ . He never fails to make smile at his stupidity and womanising behaviour but we all know deep down this guy has the biggest heart. I relate because I too am I struggling actor waiting for my big break … okay no I guess I can never really be as cool as joey.

Chandler- witty , melancholy , hilarious, sarcastic and down right cute as hell. I can never get enough of this guy and in some twisted way he is like the male version of me

Ross- why can’t every guy be like Ross? He’s adorkable , sweet, caring, funny and intelligent , he is the whole package and yet he is Rachel’s. I still want my very own Ross. When I was younger I was always fascinated by dinosaurs and history and I guess that’s all we have in common.

At the end of the day I wish that I had friends like that, so we could live in New York , make jokes and all hang out at the quaint little coffee shop.

Friends TV Show


Leadership training

I feel lost with the blogging world which is ironic since school is basically over, but I guess you could say I had some semblance of a social life in light of recent events. My family from overseas randomly popped over and I’ve been spending every waking moment with them , while still being a nerd and attending school.

Today was the most tiring of all and here’s why :

At my school we don’t have ordinary prefects , we have different departments subdivided into categories based on their duties and we’re called “leaders”. After applying, I landed the position of an HR in case you’re wondering , yes that stands for human resources and basically my job entails bossing around other learners when their uniform or conduct is inappropriate. Sounds like fun right? except for the part where everyone hates you and you’re on show 24/7. Nevertheless I did sign up for the daunting task and had to attend a mandatory leadership training seminar kinda thing.Ořıgìňąłĺý


It took place today from 12pm to 7pm and to sum it up in one sentence I’d say it was 7 hours of life orientation and watching a dog poop twice. Not exactly a regular day. We started of with boring lectures telling us how important we are and moved on to individual sessions with teachers.

Interestingly enough I learnt a lot about myself and what kind of person I am in certain situations and it was a real eye opener. I found out that I am a ‘cow’ during conflicts and no , it’s not what you’re thinking. A cow is someone who likes to keep the peace and gives in but gets treated like a doormat and eventually unleashes pent up frustration with disastrous results ( how’s that for intense?) , I’m currently worried about my state of mind and have decided to stand up for myself more often.

Oh yeah and my principals dog was there , his name is Maximus Reginald but he’s a small little buggar who sees a floor and thinks it’s a toilet.

I’d say I’m in for a long and hard year in grade 11 but I also need to relax and celebrate the impending summer holidays , I’m also really sad that my favourite tv shows are going on breaks and I’m sitting at home this holiday while others jet off to exotic locations :(. Watch the youtube video by Troye Sivan , ‘summer: Expectations vs. reality’ he gets me.Troye Sivan (troyesivan) on Twitter Troye and his dainty hands while he sleeps.