All Things Twitter With Local Tweleb @Anjalaaay

You may know her as the unsung pun hero of local twitter or that girl who was just featured on BuzzFeed. In her personal sphere, Anjali is a 22-year-old Med student dabbling in embroidery and always providing us with relatable tweets in now 240 characters or less! Sometimes, the occasional article gets written about her, so I decided to ask to interview her for my all of ten readers, which she kindly agreed to.

anjali1.  When did you first join Twitter and start to enjoy using the platform?

I joined Twitter in 2011 when I was in grade 9. I didn’t really know what to do on it, but I got it because other people were talking about this new platform and celebrities were using it. I mainly interacted with my friends (replied to all my mentions, liked and retweeted everything). From the start, I used Twitter to express my sense of humour and things that I found funny. Most of the time other people didn’t find them funny, but I tweeted my puns and stupid jokes out anyway. I had about 200 followers back then and every time I got 4 or more RTs I was delighted. In 2015, when I started university, I decided to dedicate more time to social media (obviously a very appropriate time to do this). I remember always thinking that the popular people on (Muslim) Twitter who had 1000+ followers were unimaginably cool that I said to my friends one day, “I’m going to become part of Muslim Twitter.” I started following more people, and that’s what helped me gain a following. I’d say that the time I started aiming for that goal was when I really started enjoying Twitter as a platform. Although the character of my humour has shifted from being light-hearted and pun-based to being more self-deprecating, self-critical and reflective, the overall aim of my Twitter account has remained the same: I want to make people happier, even if they just crack a tiny smile at something stupid I’ve said.

[speaking as a member of Muslim Twitter, we are one hot mess]

  2. How has the platform helped you grow as a person? 

The biggest thing I’ve gained from Twitter is access to other people’s knowledge, opinions and perspectives. I’ve come to understand why Fees Must Fall, Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ rights, Me Too and every other big political movement is important because I have had the opportunity to read ordinary people’s real experiences. I have also learned to be observant of the injustices around me and be more open to the opinions and experiences I have as a millennial, woman, and medical student. I get a lot of comfort from Twitter, seeing that almost everything I struggle with is not unique to me, and thousands of other people on this platform are going through similar problems while supporting each other with humour and advice. I think the more I share, the more I can give that comfort and humour back to my followers.

[ at least we know the secret to her success and relatability now]

3. How do you balance the demands of your degree and maintain an online presence?

To be honest, Twitter is very often a source of procrastination for me. I’ve found myself scrolling through it while I’m supposed to be studying, and it is often during these moments that I come up with my most frequent and best tweets. However, Twitter has never solely gotten in the way of my pursuit of academic success because I am already an easily distracted person who will always find something that’ll sidetrack me. Adding on to that, tweeting is not a time-consuming action at all. I don’t dedicate time every day to think only about crafting tweets; instead, they are created in the form of sudden thoughts. I immediately spend 30 seconds making sure my thought is worded in a comprehensive and amusing way, and I either save it to be tweeted later or tweet it immediately. There has never been a need to balance demands because tweeting is not demanding to me at all.

[ we could all probably learn a thing or two in terms of time management and academic excellence from Anjali, me especially for that test I should be studying for]

4. Do you feel confident representing our country and local Twitter on such a global platform?

I don’t entirely see myself as a good representative for South Africa on Twitter, mainly because I am part of such a small minority. I’m Indian and a medical student, two things that most South Africans are not. If someone were to ask me to identify the best aspects of SA Twitter, I’d point them to every black person on there because black people are incredibly funny and encompass the true essence of SA spirit and culture. Black Twitter is definitely the fun portion of Twitter. I’ve learned a lot from South African black Twitter myself and I always laugh at their tweets (when they’re in English lolololol). I find Cape Town is a bit more relatable to me, and I think I fit in well with the local Twitter crowd (although I don’t have many friends on the platform). I’d feel more confident representing local Twitter. Overall, I just try to express my more general thoughts and experiences as a student, a person in their 20s, a person of colour, et cetera. I do this so that I can appeal to and be relatable to more people.

[As a fellow South African Indian woman, I thank you for your representation of us]

5. Which of your tweets did you never expect to go viral and why?

I never expect any of my tweets to go viral, to be honest. When one of them does I’m always so surprised. Sometimes I’ll craft a tweet and put a lot of effort into wording it just right and I think, “This is hilarious, it’s definitely going to go viral.” Those ones never do. Instead, it’s always the ones that require minimal thought and effort that blow up. I’ve never understood why that is and I never will, but such is the unpredictable nature of virality.

[It never is the tweets we think it will be]

6. How does your family feel about the fame surrounding you? 

The thing is, I’m not famous because no one recognises me in person and my popularity on Twitter doesn’t impact my life in a way that my family would recognise. Therefore, they don’t have any strong feelings about my Twitter “fame”. Sometimes they’ll ask me how many followers I currently have, and when I tell them they’re temporarily in awe, but the conversation moves on swiftly. My cousins sometimes talk about my Twitter, but again, it’s never a big deal to me.

[ I can’t imagine how many times your tweets have ended up as WhatsApp stories]

7. Do you often get dragged for being a “Tweleb” by your friends? 

I do, all the time. My friends Azrah and Hoosain exaggerate how “famous” I am at least once a day and talk about how they want to meet Kanye West through me, stuff like that. When someone else mentions in person that I’m popular on Twitter, I know that as soon as that person walks away I’m going to get dragged. I won’t lie, it’s pretty funny when they do that and I always fail to keep a straight face.

[when you do meet Kanye, please ask him to stop designing whatever he has been tweeting lately, for the greater good, we need you!]

8. Is there now a pressure to always be tweeting relatable and popular content?

Sometimes. I go through phases where I can come up with lots of good tweets every day for weeks, but other times life becomes stressful and busy and I struggle to think of something good to tweet. I often start to panic if I can’t come up with a good tweet, but I try to draft at least one per day to maintain my account and give people a reason to keep following me.

[She’s human too guys!]

9. When can we expect Anjali merch (I am not kidding)?

Probably never! If anyone is interested, I do embroidery as a hobby and take custom orders. I’ll have a website soon ( through which you can place orders.

[ I am counting on all ten of my readers to support Anjali’s future endeavours and yes, I made the same joke twice. Life is tough.]

10. What would you like to say to the people who have supported you and watched you grow over the years? 

I really want to be humble, but I might not sound humble when I say this, so please excuse me for a moment. I would like to say thank you to everyone who has followed me, taken the time to read any of my tweets and allowed me to have some impact on their emotional state (hopefully only positive!). There are people who have been following me since 2015, and some even before that. You guys are really the best. I’ve learned so much from all of you over the years, and I will always try to contribute to the pool of humorous and relatable content on Twitter because it is you guys whom I want to make happy. I love Twitter because it’s filled with thousands of amazing people and countless opportunities for growth that I’m so grateful for. So, in essence, thank you for following me and I hope you will continue enjoying my tweets!

I’d like to conclude by thanking Anjali for her time and insight. I hope you had as much fun answering these questions as I did making them. I cannot wait to see you enjoy unbridled success in the future.

Lastly, I will leave a list of Anjali’s greatest hits.


Types of people during Ramadaan

Freezers are packed , scarves are out , dates are opened and little kids are ever so eager to try and achieve their first full fasting Ramadaan.

Alhamdulilah , the month we all wait for and cherish so dearly is soon to be upon us and I can honestly feel the excitement as I await the serenity and of course the accompanying savouries. Naturally as it is indeed a time of great change , certain personalities tend to be annually prevalent , or well at least from my perspective

DISCLAIMER: this is no way or form meant to serve as a judgement but merely for humorous purposes.

 The one with the lame jokes

Sadly , there is always that one person who can never let a joke (that was probably never that funny in the first place) die out and has them stashed away ready to use every year.Some include :

I sincerely pray that person learns to end our yearly torture , JUST LET IT DIE. These may at some point be the whatsapp display picture or your parents or older aunts and uncles who may have just discovered memes and want to be “hip” , be on the lookout for these on group chats as well.

The one who has bigger eyes than one’s stomach 

This person will spend the whole day going on about how much they plan to eat and might even pile up on their plates at iftaar only to take two bites of a samoosa and suddenly decide that they never want to see food again. I may or may not be guilty of being this person.

The sloth 

Due to the you know lack of food for roughly twelve hours (fortunately here in South Africa) , this bright spark decides that sleeping all day is the answer and probably only gets up five minutes before Athan in a fit of panic. In conjucntion to the sloth we have the person who gets up 5 minutes before sehri ends , and tries stuffing their face with what ever is left and quickly washing it down with some water. I highly recommend that you do not become this person


For some reason there is great debate over which to say and certain people say different things , personally I say sehri . Also from twitter I learned that some Capetonians say “boeka” instead of Iftaar , I think it is a Malay think that later became embedded in the Capetonian Muslim population. Lastly , what exactly is boeber (?) , for now I am going stick with my belief that it is similar to kheer.

The glutton 

Fasting is usually considered to be a form of detoxing and cleansing for one’s mind and body , however we always get the over indulgers who may wipe out their mother’s savoury supplies by the second week and gain a few kgs here and there , completely defeating the purpose of course.

The mine is better than yours club

In the age of social media notably snapchat , instagram and twitter , people constantly seek others’ validation and try to out do each other . So if one person just posted their perfectly styled nutella milkshakes on instagram , the other must of course fire back with a three layered chocolate mousse delectably topped with strawberries, it’s only customary.Many people fall prey to this , but hey I am not complaining , I get good food .

The hated

This lovely human decides that it would be ever so kind of them to post tons of pictures onto your tl of only the best food , having you lust after it and only make the rumble within grow louder. NOBODY LIKES YOU

The newfound Sheikh

They pop out of nowhere ready to police everyone and anyone because of their opinion is all that seems to matter. Hey , I am all for spreading the word of Allah (SWT)but only if it is done in the correct manner.

The Ramadaan only Muslims 

Personally it angers me that people judge others for making a change , even if it is in this one month , who knows the habits formed now could stay with this person for the years to come and this was their gateway to get closer to Allah , so let the girl who only now decided to go into Hijab or the boy who now goes to the mosque be , it is between them and Allah (SWT) and not for you to judge.

At the end of the day , I wish everyone a sincere Ramadaan Mubarak and ask you to endeavour to make it count and maybe let’s try and not be these people this year , Insha Allah.


Oscars , Oscars everywhere

Most of you would think I am referring to the Academy awards which took place last week , and you would be right  on one account . I am also referring to the much buzzed about Oscar Pistorius trial . The second one hits closer to home as I am South African , but to start off on a lighter note I will discuss the actual Oscars a bit , granted I am delayed.


Firstly why the hell didn’t Leo win an Oscar yet ? He is a brilliant actor and truly deserves that form of recognition , at least I had Ellen and her ludicrous antics to cushion my blow . Honestly I haven’t seen a better host with her constant mentions of J-Law’s falls( both last year and this) , add that with a selfie with the coolest people ever and to top it all off : PIZZA. Who said being a pizza delivery guy would get you no where ? I would really like to be that guy!


In terms of fashion there was nothing too amazing but no one made me cringe as much as they usually would . I loved the dresses worn by Lupita ( big winner) , Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and mainly Gulliana Rancic.

The oscar

All in all it was enjoyable and a lot of the winners truly deserved it ( but LEO :'()


Okay I get it , this is rather a controversial topic. The Olympic blade runner turned girlfriend murderer? If you don’t know about this , too bad I am not explaining the whole debacle  and google exits. But these are just a few of my opinions on the case:

  • why is it being televised ?  I find that to be inconsiderate , insensitive to Reeva’s family and Oscar himself , give them some room . The tabloids and the media are turning it into a soapie , rather than the administration of justice
  • He is guilty , there’s no two ways about it , technically he even admitted it
  • I don’t believe it was premeditated but rather a crime of passion , committed out of rage
  • why are there over a 100 witnesses ? I think people just want a chance to be on tv
  • can the Americans hurry up with that forensic evidence please , give it to the guys on CSI , they’re pretty efficient
  • I love how everybody is suddenly interested in South Africa again
  • I hope Reeva’s family gains some form of closure and that everyone will shut up about the case ( including myself)

There you have it , my outlook on both Oscars , if you have any of your own opinions please leave them down in the comments.

Apparently my rambles are worth something

Good morning ( at least the sun is out and shining where I live) this happens be my first post in the new year and I am ashamed to say I still say “this year” like it’s 2013 . But down to what actually matters people like me (Well my blog) they really like me. I woke up this morning to the news that I had been nominated for “A very inspiring blogger award”  by the lovely Youmetheappletree. I’ve been at this for a little over a month and I was truly overwhelmed because really .. me ? me ? inspirational . Alas I am great thankful and now I must abide by some rules.

Pay attention fellow bloggers


1. Thank the person who nominated you and add a link to their blog.

2. Display the award on your post.

3. List the award rules so your nominees will know what to do.

4. State 7 things about yourself.

5. Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.

6. Contact your nominees to let them know you have nominated them. Provide a link to your post.

7. Proudly display the award logo (or buttons) to your blog, whether on your side bar, ABOUT page, or a special page for awards. Let other bloggers see right up front that you are an award winner and HAVE participated in the award process. ( who doesn’t love to show off a little?)

I may or may not have copied and pasted that … Yes I am indeed a lazy sucker

1. Click on the link to check out the amazingness that is Youmetheappletree , she also happens to be Australian so you never know she might get you a kangaroo or Koala or some deadly creature.

2. Check me out ,I am all official an fancy

3. The rules are above , if you didn’t know this you must not be paying attention !

4. 7 things about myself

  • I am the youngest of 3 siblings (being 15 almost 16) My older brother is 21 and my sister is 19 turning 20 shortly . All my siblings came from the same place so yeah we’re related exactly by nature.
  • I was born on the 5th of February 1998 , Thursday . My parents believe it was the best day of their live as I ,their little angel was born (not true , all made up)
  • My brother calls me a movie/ series database . You name it I know it , year produced and actors who starred as main characters . Basically it happens to be my obsession , forgive me for just liking to know things.
  • I live in South Africa , you know the place where the Lion King went down ? kidding , we’re not as under- developed as you might think . Last I checked we did happen to host this little thing known as The FIFA World Cup.
  • This year I shall enter my 11th year in my tragic schooling career and I do 8 subjects : English , Math , Afrikaans ( this weird language that is a fusion of Dutch and German) , Life Orientation ( pointless subject ) , Physical Science ( so physics and chemistry) , Biology , Geography and Information Technology ( computers).
  • For some being in solitary confinement sounds like punishment but for me being alone with my thoughts is therapeutic , so I guess you could say I am anti-social
  • I am very straight forward and like using big words to make others feel inferior ( basically I am a bully , but I’m subtle)

5. And now for the moment we’ve all been waiting for my nominees are ( sorry I have always wanted to say that):

1. outraged and unfiltered

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OMG I am done finally done , that was daunting and tiring man being nominated means work . And then I realised I still have 6. and 7. to do .

Alas I shall call it a day and resume probably sleeping or delving into the dark places of my imagination .

Writers block and bitter sweet farewells

Here I am in that deep dark chasm of nothingness after my creativity was literally sucked out from my brain and I can not entertain what few readers I have aquired with my undying love for the written word. Alas here I am trying my best to scrounge up what few slivers of genius I may have left.

If you didn’t know this already I am proudly South African and my nation has suffered a great loss recently. Yes,  you know it I am talking about the tragic passing of an icon,  a revolutionary Nelson Mandela. Honestly,  I didn’t grow up under the apartheid regime and therefore cannot do this man justice,  all I can say is that,  I owe my freedom to him and many other selfless fighters. All the world has joined in my country’s mourning as one the last few decent human beings have left us.  I’d like to think he lived a full life dying at the ripe old age of 95 and was able to see our nation flourish. Rest in peace Tata ❤