The work Diaries- Part 1

Like many teenagers, when summer rolled around and my pocked emptied , I sought out a job to replenish my savings.

Applications were sent, pleas were made and CV’s edited but to no avail as I faced rejection at every corner. Thankfully my mother swooped in with a dash of nepotism(How else will you got far in life?) and provided me with a 2 week registration stint. My job was meant to be aiding university registration for the new year, whether it be technical glitches or menial labour. However, the literary stars aligned and I was placed elsewhere.

An old dramatic Arts Professor and Executive Dean required my assistance as his secretary has taken ill, and so my journey through the mountains of rat chewed paper had begun. I was truly at the edge of a cliff as I contemplated my own end due to incredible boredom. I filed papers, I tore up paper (confidentially reasons) and I got battle wounds( paper cuts) for my tireless service. At lunch I’d sneak away and quietly read a book in the kitchen and watch the clock taunt me maniacally.

My body, being an exhausted vessel, a direct result of my non-existent sleeping pattern, sunk into the depths of my bed when I got home.

Day 2 was the catalyst for change. The day before, I had noticed a rather fanciful and interesting book collection in the Professor’s office, ,mainly featuring the works of Shakespeare (The first person I stanned). Being the socially awkward dweeb that I am, I feared bringing up the shared interest but the plunge off paper (see mountain) cliff anyway. It turns out I was amongst another stan of epic proportions and Shakespeare became the gap to bridge generations. The Professor had not only studied, performed  and directed Shakespeare but also dedicated his entire Phd to the Upstart crow himself, at the University of London.

He delightfully performed a Hamlet Soliloquy, which I of course applauded and sent me home with a batch of my favourite quotes from my unconventionally favourite play “The Merchant of Venice”

It felt wonderful to engage in conversation over  a shared passion and GET PAID FOR IT. It made work not seem as dreary as it did before but the joy can only last so long.

Shakespeare humour - Hamlet.


A social life

Ever so often my holiday pops around and after the disastrous tragedy that was the first term , let’s just say it was long over due , granted it will only last a week ( and a few public holidays a little later). I intend to make the most of this week and by that of course I mean vegetate , as usual.

I have absolutely no social life and sometimes being alone is the best and worst feeling ever. I switch my phone off and ignore my adoring fans for a few hours , take out my one and only laptop and scour the internet .Recently I have entered the realm of the 7 kingdoms and yes I mean Game of Thrones ( don’t judge me…Gendry though) I actually like it and get your mind out off the gutter not the parts you think. It is downright addictive and I go through this constant dilemma of :

Hibernation is key to avoiding people and in the off chance when I am dragged out to face the sunlight my thoughts are with my other family on the internet , especially this little blogger community . People in person have too much room to upset you and well to put it bluntly they suck

Sometimes after hours of being shut up and void off light I experience various epiphanies , the main one being what if I had a social life ? and met new people and went out like they do in Tv series and movies , maybe just maybe a romantic entanglement isn’t so far off and then I remember that there are a billion other people just like me and hopefully god has a plan for me.

I do however have a few social engagements of the calendar , I attended a party with fairy lights and lanterns and it was all very fairytale-esqe and I have sleepover where we intend to watch Shakespeare movies all night ( with good reason I assure you) oh and the cherry on top the cake : I am going to school in my holidays .. yeah the universe is laughing at me I know it.

Picture of the party:


First day = accomplished

A sweltering heat beat down mixed with the high of expectations and long awaited reunions . The first day was like the 10 others I had attended before but coupled with the detrimental you’re in grade 11 it’s time to work hard speech. I eagerly awaited being sorted in my class and thankfully got an amazing registration teacher.It was much needed after the lonely old sap who gave us detention nearly every day last year , to me she is the poster child of why you NEED love in your life.  

In true Durban ( the city in which I reside) fashion it was 32 degrees and impossible to breathe . My night before was restless and inconclusive but my all my questions were answered today and yet I still couldn’t help but feel unprepared and disorganised. The scariest part was probably being put in the A English class with all my OLD classmates giving my judging glares as if I was not worthy to be on their standard again. I also found out that there would be a lot of Shakespeare themed events during the year and I couldn’t be more ecstatic

All in all it wasn’t as daunting as expected but a whole new year follows , plus I wanted to sleep in almost every lesson and when I got home slept for 2 hours straight. To motivate myself and any other students out there I leave you in the words of Mark Twain

New Years resolutions for 2014

So before you begin reading about my insanely stupid and or random resolutions , vote in my poll so I may get feedback about how you feel . See not everything is about me and my life. But yeah back to me , I have comprised a list of 15 resolutions that  I hope to accomplish during 2014 , the likelihood of this is probably one in a million , alas I will strive and do my best and well do a follow up post at the end of next year.

1. Be a better Muslim

This is one that is very important to me and I am sure that anybody of any faith would understand the need to better yourself for a higher power. But if you’re atheist (like some people I know) well then I shall pray for you.

2. Not get a contagious disease or infection during final exams

If you know me or have read my posts you would know final exams pretty much sucked because I contracted German measles , so I would like it if my body would behave and my little anti-bodies fought as hard as the could so I could actually stand a fair chance at writing my exams.

3. try and be nicer to mankind

Turns out I am actually kind of a bitch , so to turn over a new leaf I need to be nicer to those around me , after all it’s not their fault that their all arrogant , pathetic excuses for human beings

4.Attempt to exercise

While I am not obese or anything , I am one of the laziest people in existence . In an effort to create a newer , healthier me it requires exercise , plus it wouldn’t hurt if I could walk up the stairs at school and not break a sweat.

5. Spend less time on electronic devices

Just recently my grandmother came to stay over and I realised just how attached to technology I really am … and maybe superbly anti-social . So I guess it’s time embrace the sunlight and go outside for long periods of time . This will be my hardest task yet

6. Kick ass at school

This purely meant academically , I need to amp my focus and actually do homework this year, wish me luck?

7. Don’t let people walk all over me

I have a habit of giving in and always saying yes to people who just use me anyway , it’s high time I stood up for myself

8. Reach 1000 hits on my blog

I am currently at around 305 , soo it would mean the world to me to just get to that major milestone

9.Get a job

when I turn 16 , the first thing I want is a job . I feel terrible always asking my parents for money and  it would be amazing to think I actually had a purpose.

10.  Get an A in maths

I have achieved this feat before , but it is becoming increasingly difficult , nevertheless , it must be done

11. Win Shakespeare quiz

My love for Shakespeare is undeniable so accomplishing this would be a total ego booster , plus I could get full colours

12. Focus less on judging people

This one really should be higher up on the list but I always seem to forget it . I have no right to judge people , yet I do it anyway, so cutting back is always a good start

13. Grow

Constantly I am told of how short I am , as if I didn’t own a damn mirror . At the moment I am 1.53 m ( I don’t know about ft.) and maybe just maybe I shall encounter some miraculous growth spurt so here’s hoping.

14. Become friends with someone I despise

I have always liked a challenge and well this one seems as difficult as they come , plus maybe the person would be a great friend and I just didn’t put aside my distaste to find out .

15. Loosen up

I stress too much and care too much about anything and everything . So moving into a new year sometimes I need to remember to let loose and try not to control the uncontrollable.

Thus concludes my new years resolutions , will I succeed ? and what does 2014 have in store for me? Only time will tell