How I Survived Over A Month Without WiFi

Disclaimer: yes, I understand my inherent privilege and that millions of people don’t have access to WiFi. My problem is a very first world one for a third world gal. But take it with a pinch of salt and humour

It started one summer eve, the light left the sky and I retreated to my cave to do what I do best, scroll. It was here I was confronted with the prehistoric creature inviting me to an internet-less existence, making me one with itself(thanks, chrome dinosaur). At first instinct, I panicked, but it was not a problem I had not faced before. The towering Telkom has regularly and ruthlessly cut off my access to the world. My father and resident useless commander of our fort tackled the problem head-on, only to be left on hold.

The days grew longer, and my eagerness to attend university increased. The networks used to further academic excellence were now tainted and used to download Korean dramas, send snap streaks and relentlessly Instagram stalk. I apologize to every student who was trying to do work and thank them for bearing with my abuse.

My truest ally came in the form of the mystical capitalist haven also known as Starbucks. There I sat with my MacBook imposter Lenovo laptop, sipping overpriced coffee and finishing up assignments. Employees handed me free tea samples and strangers politely smiled as we shared a plug point, adding strength to face my adversity.

Friends proved themselves in my time of need. Pictures were never sent, but merely described and my Snapchat password floated to the next available streak sender. They so kindly took me in, sheltered, fed and connected me as the Telkom continued its torment. But it also came with being dragged on many occasions and being left behind on certain memes. My problem actually spread to a friend, but alas her shortage lasted 5 days only.

Vodacom thoroughly benefited as my demise continued. As if their data prices weren’t high enough we faced the VAT increase. My reluctant parents helped me waste money to refresh a timeline and download notes. Then I turned on them and started kicking off my parent’s devices from the hotspot because I prioritized succession notes over my mother’s latest Instagram recipe craze. In times like this, your true colours really show and my inner dictator prevailed.

In the end, I came out stronger, my academics probably benefited and I tested my own levels of tolerance, which admittedly aren’t very high. In the midst of it all, my aforementioned fake MacBook charger also broke and took weeks to be replaced, adding to the growing anxiety. Now that the promised land of content has been returned to me, I feel like a kid in a virtual candy store (for lack of a better metaphor). You mean I can spend a day watching just YouTube videos? My wireless printer will work? More than 2 seconds of an episode can be streamed? I am overwhelmed with my power and will never take my WiFi for granted again.

As for Telkom, all I can say is “DO BETTER”.


Kdramas: A Journey 


If you spend any considerable amount of time on the Internet and consider yourself a Television connoisseur much like myself, then you would have heard of K dramas. A.K.A Korean dramas. What was once a niche fandom, has exploded in recent years, Kpop as well has quite literally(yeah ted mosby is yelling at me for using it in this fashion) taken over the globe. 

I was very skeptical at first, and was blinded by only mainstream white romances given to me on screen and the occasional Bollywood extravaganza. There was a whole world of fluff I let go unnoticed and it truly is a shame that I came this far in life without them. 

While I was on YouTube about a month ago, doing my general browsing and binging, a video recommendation came up. “5 easy k dramas to get into for beginners” and my heart was set. At first the subtitles are bit disconcerting, the bright lights of Seoul attack your senses and so the campy effects and THEY REALLY LOVE SCREAMING. The characters are over the top in every manner, effects almost cartoonish and it just takes time to adjust to the unfamiliar cultural ways. Once you let yourself become immersed, there is no escape.  

Korean men dazzle you with their dewy skin, soft hair and coat + polar neck combos leave you WEAK. Seriously, Koreans are SO insanely fashionable, and it’s really cold it seems so it’s a plus for me in terms of modest clothing ideas. The actions are lively and the romances are sickly sweet but in all the best ways. It’s like cotton candy, you know you shouldn’t devour it, but once your start, you can’t stop yourself.. you might even reach for seconds. 

The first time drama I watched, resulted in me sleeping at 6AM, in pursuit of finishing it. They’re quite nifty and around 16 hours of pure enjoyment, and one season so no nasty cliffhangers but just expected romantic fulfillment. About 6 more dramas down the line, I don’t know who I was before them. I can speak a little Korean and can mimic iconic mannerisms and gestures, my soul is no longer my own but rather in SEOUL(see what I did there?) and a me a stereotypical Apple customer, finds myself attracted to ridiculous Samsungs. I’ve learned about concepts such as “second lead syndrome”, made memes from certain poetic scenes and mostly irritated the hell out of my friends with my constant Kwoes.

I can’t even describe how light and committed I feel when I start a new drama(also not all are good, I will attest to this) but hits all the tingly heart pleasure centers and I radiate positivity, that is when I’m not screaming at my screen when some utterly ridiculous obstacle gets in the way of my OTP(so about every five seconds roughly)

I’d recommend them to anyone who LOVES ROMANCE, sassy characters and who is willing to get to know a different culture with an non judgmental lens and also ready to never have a social life again. They’re progressive and fresh there is one for almost every mood, time period or ridiculous scenario. You might wonder how far back American TV really is and if you’re not too risqué this is as PG as it gets, I assure you and strangely, rather insightful. 

Hello, it’s me.

Yes , it is still I, your loyal but not so present elfling just with a new look . It just seemed time for a change what with my impending existential crisis soon to follow. This new me comes with a few announcements and proclamations too.

I am no longer 15 years old , what a surprise I know . No longer filled with high school woes or an eagerness to blog , and I also drink green tea(caffeine is caffeine) now and care about makeup ( OH THE HORROR- that is no longer my face). The younger me would be so appalled at the current state of this blog and my life, I am pretty sure she would be drafting a post already. I have let this seep into the crevices , ignored and only there when I have a rare surge of energy and enough is enough.

Image result for growing up tumblr

I think I applied this to my blog instead

This blog demands my attention. I am more confused than I have ever been and I probably need one of those years off to go find myself in Europe but unfortunately I am both broke and not white , instead I have my words , a source of solace and contentment that I now intend to make full use of. Be prepared for a flurry of thoughts , reviews and those fun posts too ( a shrine to my former work).

A promise to myself and to my readers if any , is to post biweekly and if not I hope to be expelled to the deepest , darkest parts of the internet for my most deceitful betrayal. Lastly , it feels good to be filled with a need to write again and I hope it makes me feel better in this weird and messy part of my life ( oh , look, positivity , that’s new) and thank you to Juwie for the exceptional artwork , it was definitely the push I needed. Your loyal elfling is here to stay, Insha Allah.


Image result for start fresh tumblr

This is ever so cheesy and yet is all I ever want to say


Types of people during Ramadaan

Freezers are packed , scarves are out , dates are opened and little kids are ever so eager to try and achieve their first full fasting Ramadaan.

Alhamdulilah , the month we all wait for and cherish so dearly is soon to be upon us and I can honestly feel the excitement as I await the serenity and of course the accompanying savouries. Naturally as it is indeed a time of great change , certain personalities tend to be annually prevalent , or well at least from my perspective

DISCLAIMER: this is no way or form meant to serve as a judgement but merely for humorous purposes.

 The one with the lame jokes

Sadly , there is always that one person who can never let a joke (that was probably never that funny in the first place) die out and has them stashed away ready to use every year.Some include :

I sincerely pray that person learns to end our yearly torture , JUST LET IT DIE. These may at some point be the whatsapp display picture or your parents or older aunts and uncles who may have just discovered memes and want to be “hip” , be on the lookout for these on group chats as well.

The one who has bigger eyes than one’s stomach 

This person will spend the whole day going on about how much they plan to eat and might even pile up on their plates at iftaar only to take two bites of a samoosa and suddenly decide that they never want to see food again. I may or may not be guilty of being this person.

The sloth 

Due to the you know lack of food for roughly twelve hours (fortunately here in South Africa) , this bright spark decides that sleeping all day is the answer and probably only gets up five minutes before Athan in a fit of panic. In conjucntion to the sloth we have the person who gets up 5 minutes before sehri ends , and tries stuffing their face with what ever is left and quickly washing it down with some water. I highly recommend that you do not become this person


For some reason there is great debate over which to say and certain people say different things , personally I say sehri . Also from twitter I learned that some Capetonians say “boeka” instead of Iftaar , I think it is a Malay think that later became embedded in the Capetonian Muslim population. Lastly , what exactly is boeber (?) , for now I am going stick with my belief that it is similar to kheer.

The glutton 

Fasting is usually considered to be a form of detoxing and cleansing for one’s mind and body , however we always get the over indulgers who may wipe out their mother’s savoury supplies by the second week and gain a few kgs here and there , completely defeating the purpose of course.

The mine is better than yours club

In the age of social media notably snapchat , instagram and twitter , people constantly seek others’ validation and try to out do each other . So if one person just posted their perfectly styled nutella milkshakes on instagram , the other must of course fire back with a three layered chocolate mousse delectably topped with strawberries, it’s only customary.Many people fall prey to this , but hey I am not complaining , I get good food .

The hated

This lovely human decides that it would be ever so kind of them to post tons of pictures onto your tl of only the best food , having you lust after it and only make the rumble within grow louder. NOBODY LIKES YOU

The newfound Sheikh

They pop out of nowhere ready to police everyone and anyone because of their opinion is all that seems to matter. Hey , I am all for spreading the word of Allah (SWT)but only if it is done in the correct manner.

The Ramadaan only Muslims 

Personally it angers me that people judge others for making a change , even if it is in this one month , who knows the habits formed now could stay with this person for the years to come and this was their gateway to get closer to Allah , so let the girl who only now decided to go into Hijab or the boy who now goes to the mosque be , it is between them and Allah (SWT) and not for you to judge.

At the end of the day , I wish everyone a sincere Ramadaan Mubarak and ask you to endeavour to make it count and maybe let’s try and not be these people this year , Insha Allah.


The woes of being a blogger

Hello there internet( I don’t know why I address you as a whole , well thank Dan Howell)

I am not sure if you noticed or well cared but I have pretty much been MIA in terms of my blog and it’s lately I feel like I am losing  my touch with being able to write and exercise my mind , and that it will all eventually turn into a pile of mush from all the series watching and twitter scrolling ( I know , healthy life , healthy mind).

When I first started this blog , well I was measles ridden and shoved in solitary confinement and so I decided to bless the world with my lovely and irrelevant opinions on pretty much anything ,sigh I miss the eagerness of 15 year old me . So young and so full of ideas and motivation . Fast forward a few years to newly 18 , first year university student me and I am a complete and total creativity barren wasteland. So , using a lovely suggestion from my friend , I have decided to chronicle the desperately overdramtised woes of being a blogger ( in whatever order they pop into my head)

1.Everyone automatically assumes you blog about fashion

Don’t get me wrong , I admire fashion bloggers and their unique or sometimes generic senses of style and need to help those supposedly fashionably challenged and sometimes I do read these blogs , however my blog is about whatever the heck I want it to be about and I don’t want it to be specifically categorized or grouped , I feel like it just projects a negative image of blogging in general and just removes the idea of it being a personally expressive platform and even if you are a fashion or beauty blogger you keep doing you and I will continue to piggyback on your opinions , so thank you for your contribution to the bloggesphere (idk is this a word).

2.Writing slumps

The ever dreaded enemy to all bloggers and writers alike . Sometimes you just get sucked into this void , you can’t bring yourself to formulate ideas worthy of posting and you let procrastination get to you , having just experienced this I can tell you how detrimental it can be to your blog and your confidence in your writing . Pretty sure I went through the 5 stages of grief with this one.


Sadly , like most things on the internet the hate grows and follows you around .People have different views and opinions on things which is completely okay but some prefer to be a bit more vocal about it and sure feelings can get hurt , so the resident haters out there while you do fuel some people be mindful about feelings (wait why am I addressing haters pssst it’s not like I have any of those)

4. What will my readers think?

When you choose to share your thoughts on a global scale , it can be very tricky . I sometimes wonder about how people will react to what I have to say instead of being a completely unfiltered version of myself. Naturally , most bloggers are subjective or biased and your reader won’t always be happy with what you have to say.

5.How much of my life am I willing to share ?

Ahh , the age old tale of stranger danger on the internet still looms (weird because I seem to forget this when I interact with twitter mutuals) and you have to decide what is okay to share and what isn’t. Be reasonable and not broadcast your address because that is essentially inviting some creep to stalk you but this also concerns feelings and life details . Often it is easier for us to trust complete strangers with our problems mostly due to the safety of the degree of anonymity you have when hiding behind a keyboard.


Well , not attractive or wealthy enough to maintain this.

7. Twitter threads are beginning to threaten my existence 

Personally , I enjoy doing the “types or people/things” or favourites type of posts and well these have gained immense popularity on twitter and our puny brains are more likely to pay attention to things in small doses rather than long winded posts and with the option of a retweet they tend to reach larger audiences hence making a greater impact. However , hopefully I will always still be here typing to no one at all just to give myself some peace of mind.

8.Not becoming rich and famous anytime soon 

When I started this blog I of course had every intention of making this the sole supporter of my existence once I reached ultimate stardom , well no not really but wouldn’t that be nice?


These unsuspecting buggers creep up on you and ruin your life so much so that you end up writing poetry about them in my case

10. Not generically recycling content

Finding your voice can be incredibly difficult and time consuming . You don’t want to be one of those blogs who just churns out unoriginal pieces that have been seen before , you want to stand out and be unique but this is easier said than done (what a cliche I know , leave me be)

Well , at this very moment this is all I can think off as I avoid all my responsibilities like my upcoming tests . If you are indeed a blogger please comment down below about your personal woes and let us hope I try to post weekly in the near future more so for myself than anyone else and to my readers (if I have any) , go easy on us bloggers ,we are fragile tortured souls just trying to find the perfect pair of skinny jeans to review for you ( I KID , I KID).



“DOBBY IS A FREE ELF” – the different ways to spend the end of High School

As I have mentioned only about 600 times by now , HIGH SCHOOL IS OVER AND BEHIND ME( that is until January 6th when my results are released). Here in the Southern Hemisphere we have normal school years that run from January to December ( we are sadly not privileged enough to have 3 months of summer holiday , be grateful) . Now however due to our extra time and need to just be free and come to terms with being unemployed (yes I used this joke , despite it being in poor taste and out of context) , we seek out ways to spend our days . Here are some of the possible scenarios occurring at this very moment .My data was obtained through twitter polls (which I think were invented purely for advertisers but helps make trusty life decisions) and drawing on my personal knowledge)


So first up , rage is a sort of party festival type thing that takes place in my home city and was created purely for matrics to let loose among the myriads of alcohol while “dancing” against each other to some form of electro-music . Definitely not my scene and if I did attend my mother would call every hour to check if I was alive , but it seems to appease the masses and I hope it meets their expectations. This also about the closest South African teenagers get to American High school red cup parties (not that I would know)


Perhaps others ,but not me have the restraint to not watch series and movies during the exam period and have now built up this massive pile of things to watch. So the ultimate marathon begins , the real test of speed , strength , agility and endurance. My advice is not to burn out too quickly ,pace yourself and stay hydrated because there’s a long journey ahead.


Pretty self explanatory I’d say . The ultimate hibernation for the summer holidays , oh the irony.


If you’re lucky enough you  get to be whisked off to foreign lands and experience different cultures and you know probably never have a summer romance like in books and movies.


I truly respect people who work hard to earn their own money and have purpose to their days. Unfortunately , I am unable to join the working folk as no one will employ a 17 year old with no matric certificate.



This is basically what I have been attempting to do in between all the YouTube spirals . Recently I was a hypocrite as after telling people not to burn their notes but rather recycle , we had a mini bonfire where we burnt a few notes (little I promise) and I cannot describe the feeling of pure bliss I experienced while watching trigonometry notes become engulfed by flames. Seeing as there will be a splitting of my little pangea of friends , I want to maximize my time with them.

That’s about all my little mind can muster , I just hope everyone is just letting loose any way they know how and enjoying a semi-stress free environment.

Actual picture from me this holiday

An Ed(YOU)cation on my world of YouTube


There once was a naive 14 almost 15 year old girl who got sucked into the never ending vortex that is the world of YouTube and hasn’t managed to escape its clutches yet. Yes, said girl is none other than yours truly and today I will be dedicating this post to one of my dearest obsessions.

First I find any form of internet access , go to and the next thing I know I am watching book hauls , make-up tutorials ( I wear make up maybe once in two months maybe?) , PewDiePie play some random game I have  never heard off , the occasional prank here and there, stalking YouTube power couples, Lily’s “parents” react to things and A LOT OF DANISNOTONFIRE. YouTube is huge and diverse online community that is not specific to the beauty gurus and gamers but home to pretty much every form of entertainment. So here are few things everyone should know about this beautiful labyrinth.


Forget the notion that YouTube is filled with viral videos and music videos only , because over the years it has become home to the aptly named YouTubers and as mentioned before they are a very diverse and somewhat strange but I think there’s one for every type of viewer. In the yee’ old days it was mainly a few people just blurting out random things to a camera in their rooms and gaining about a 1000 subscribers ( life goals achieved) , yet now most of the old timers have about more than a million subscribers with PewDiePie coming out on top with an insane 4o million subscribers. More people (usually 12 and 13 year old girls) are watching and engaging with YouTubers and as a result there’s a huge market , bigger than ever before and lead to the development of creation of vidcon and playlist live , events where fans can come face to face in real life with their favourite YouTubers. YouTube itself is venturing into Netflix territory by launching YouTube Red , a place where exclusive content will be released , ads are non -existent and videos can be saved. It will require a subscription fee of course.


Growing up in a relatively conservative home I would never have guessed that ordinary people would one day be making money talking to a camera , but now they have made actual careers from it. Time and effort goes into editing videos and writing potential scripts but this is how they make a living and a pretty good one at that due to the ads displayed before videos , the more views you have , the more money you make as more ads have been viewed. But it doesn’t end there YouTube created a platform for people to express their creativity and comedic talents , so many got deals in the entertainment business and the beauty gurus launched their very own make-up and beauty products which arguably is marketed at 12 year olds but is still rather lucrative.

Side Note : Zoe Sugg and Alfie Deyes are actually so popluar they now have their own wax statues at Madame Tussaud’s (yes this was voted upon by 12 year olds yet again)


Due to their increasing popularity and need to make bank while this supposed ‘fad’ is still very much in fashion , they have capitalised on their viewers and created books , fictional and non-fictional . Some are mementos for fans with more pictures than words , some are recipe books and general lifestyle tips and others are  cheesy YA fiction written partly by a ghost-writer that breaks sale records . I personally believe that not all should be publishing books but do admire their entrepreneurial mindset.

These are just a few of the books released


I know this is a stereotype and if there are some grandmother’s out there watching YouTube , I salute you but I fear most don’t quite grasp the concept , not even my own parents do. I doubt my parents would be pleased knowing I spent all day watching videos , heck they wouldn’t know why I was so intrigued by listening to strangers complain about their lives or give me advice . Also since the online community is growing so vastly and branching out , the YouTubers tend to be interviewed by older people who are clearly not good at coming to terms with the fact that a teenager with a computer and a camera became more famous then they will ever be. Sometimes I wonder if as a grandparent I will be watching someone do a chubby bunny challenge (google this) with my grand-kids someday and have them call me “old fashioned”

some old guy’s irrelevant opinion about PewDiePie


Okay, this is more about my personal experience with YouTube.I started off predominantly with JacksGap and from there onwards I discovered MY PASTY BRITISH LOVE DAN HOWELL , and a bunch of other Brits who I have outgrown like Marcus Butler , Alfie Deyes , Zoella , a fellow South African Caspar Lee . Now I mainly watch cinema sins , Superwoman , all Dan and Phil’s videos imaginable , lots of trailers , KickThePJ , poods , thevlogbrothers , thefinebros and a bunch of other random ones.

It’s quite obvious why Jack and Finn(@JacksGap) (pictured below) are the reason I stuck around on YouTube


I don’t think so actually . You have better chances at succeeding if you’re fairly attractive (because 12 year olds really do reign supreme) , really funny and are not from the Southern Hemisphere (excluding Australia) . But hey , who am I to decide , you do you boo (YES I ACTUALLY TYPED THAT OUT)


As my final ode to YouTube , I want to to thank you for simultaneously enriching and ruining my life and I am fairly sure our love-hate relationship won’t be ending anytime soon. Oh and a huge thank you to Crashcourse , my biology marks are forever indebted to you.

Disclaimer: I accept no responsibility of your mental health state or how you choose to spend your day if you now choose to go on to YouTube and form a possible addiction . This is all on you

All’s well that ends well

Well , the time has finally come . I am back in the blogger-sphere for good and I wish to never leave its warm and comforting embrace again.

2015 has been quite the year for me and as my stress levels increased ,my dedication to my blog decreased. I know I don’t have some massive following on here that grip onto my every word , but I feel as if I have failed no one but myself by being distant and neglectful.


Well , for starters I can almost safely say that High school is behind me and the future is ahead (forgive me for the cheesiness , I cringed too) .  I have one more exam to go and well I can’t really study for English paper 3 (the writing of essays and transactionals) and this is as close to practice as I will get.  Personally , school has shaped a huge part of my personality mainly because I appreciate the rigid routine it gives me and is also a safety blanket wrapped around me ,protecting me from the real world for 12 long years and now I have to unwrap myself and face the cold and harsh reality . The nostalgia really starts to kick in when I think back to bullying the boys in my class in primary school  ( back when we were actually the same size) ,reciting my poetry out aloud in grade 6 (I thought all poetry had to rhyme) , waking up one morning and realising a project was due that day ( much to my mother’s horror and dismay), the random excursions to the zoo or just simply the weird yet amazing conversations I had at break with my friends.

I watched everyone else in my class get these notes in Primary school , but alas twas never I.

High school in itself was quite a peculiar journey and NOTHING LIKE AMERICAN MOVIES AND TV THAT I GREW UP WATCHING. Sure there were cliques ,popular people, nerds , weirdos who sit in the corner alone , jocks , but nobody was limited to hanging out with the people who were exactly like them or bullied for liking things that were not necessarily “cool” , or maybe this is just because I went to an all girl’s school where asking for a pad / tampon freely , was normal. At the end of the day or well era that is high school , I am grateful for having met some like-minded individuals and openly admitting to binge reading Wikipedia articles and still maintaining friendships . I do however regret only knowing and conversing with about half my grade (there are like 225 girls , don’t judge me).


High School Was Easy

So , just being hot off the heels of the hardest exams I have ever written , I guess you could say I am slightly overwhelmed and freaked out about getting my results in January , but I have about a month of stress free binge watching time to enjoy before the crippling anxiety and nerves set in, as numbers on a page determine my entire existence (fun, right?)



Lastly ,  I would like to personally congratulate myself on being a self-proclaimed blogger for two years as of the 17th of November 2015 ( yes , I missed the milestone and I am horrible and narcissistic) . I wish myself all the luck in the future of sharing my irrelevant thoughts with the world and hopefully I only improve from here on out.


The drastic changes brought upon by matric

After completing 11 years of never ending torture , you finally reach the penultimate year . Everything has been building up to this fateful period in your life known as matric ( as if you didn’t already know I was in grade 12 what with my never-ending sighs and lack of posts).

At the beginning of almost every school year you prep yourself , armed with an arsenal of freshly labelled stationery and the fleeting memories of your short-lived summer holiday , but mostly with a new mind-set to finally accomplish those sought after academic goals , yet sadly you never do. Almost everyone I knew had told me that grade 11 would be harder than matric and I would very much like to throw my every- growing piles of work at them , for they couldn’t have been any more wrong (granted I didn’t as hard as I should have last year and made no changes to my full-proof strategy for high school survival).

Now , however due to  the not so subtle comments from pretty much every family member in existence about how ” it’s matric this year hey , you must work hard” (gee thanks it’s not like I wasn’t aware that my future was at stake or anything , also isn’t it lovely how suddenly your grandmothers second cousin twice removed now is aware that you walk the earth just because you’re in matric) , I sort of lost my point with all those side comments but anyway , these remarks have jolted me into a plan of action and  have left me gnawing at my hair due to devastatingly increased amounts of stress. The fact of the matter is , I have finally changed my ways , it turns out the leopard can change its spots provided that they become overwhelmed by the fear of failure . However , it is not only I who has changed but those around me too.

Here are a few examples :

1.(the most horrific of all) I ACTUALLY DO HOMEWORK

As it turns out doing your homework is beneficial for you (who knew). For the first time in 11 years I feverishly jot down my homework in a diary and when I get home a designated time is assigned as if it were series watching time. My obsession with homework has reached new lengths and somehow I have grown a conscious and feel guilty if my page stares blankly at me . During June exams my very essay in English paper 3 was written from the perspective of homework ( I kid you not). Basically the moral of the story is homework is here to help , don’t leave it to the… .. last minute ( sorry I almost choked typing that because it felt so unnatural).


Remember the chorus of joyful cheers when you find out that your teacher is absent and you have a free lesson , well this still exists but the lessons are no longer spent chatting away to your friends or reading a captivating book , rather you spend them doing homework or studying or making summaries . Some days in great times of need I found myself praying we had a free lesson just so I could catch up on work.


If you go to a normal high school , at some point your class pretended to care about how well your teachers weekend went or started complaining about the school and other teachers just to waste time and avoid doing work , well my dear friends , those days are but distant , hazy memory . The race to complete the syllabus has been made increasingly difficult as the greatest opponent being time seems to be in sync with Usain Bolt. Now , you understand that if you don’t shut up and endure boring lessons it is only you who suffer the consequences (ie. failure)


In-between their questions as to whether I have studied or not my parents occasionally provide me with some extra support .

All my favourite study snacks ? sure

Pancakes for breakfast before a chemistry exam ? sure

A massage ? WHY THE HELL NOT?

I advise everyone to play the sympathy ” I am so stressed and overwhelmed” card because it can also be handy in getting out of family functions and chores.


Not that I have much of a social life anyway , but the little that I did muster has been reduced down to a tiny little speck. The time I would usually spend mindlessly watching tv series or reading is not allocated to homework and sleep ( don’t get me wrong though I am still up to date with everything I assure you). The simple pleasures in life like a sleepy day in is now spent figuring out how to juggle the mess that is your life.


Ever notice that group of people with that “too cool for school attitude” who never did homework , constantly talked during a lesson and winged all their exams ? well they too have had the wake up call and are suddenly the ones “shhing” you .


Forget discussing the latest news in pop culture now conversations go more along the lines of :

” I need help”

“anyone have the answer to 1.1.4″

” send me a picture of your answer please”

real friends vs fake friends. . Can you F. me the homework Read 6: 18 PM. so real friends send you 1 single paper from a past homework assignment? I prefer fake friends in this case.

Well , that’s all my brain can seem to muster at this point in time . I hope some of you relate to the above mentioned struggles and changes . Most importantly goodluck for the rest of this school year and remember to make the most of what is left ( yes , I went there)



why hello there internet

On Monday , which seems like eons ago , I set a goal for myself and that was to get off my butt and actually post something on my blog that I have so carelessly neglected , but alas things kept on getting in the way. However the point of my tale is not to bore you , but to bring to light the concept of goals and how frivolously teenagers seem to throw them out on the internet. Perhaps this might clear up things for you a little more.

If I were every teenager girl on the internet my goals would be as such: (most of these things are pretty damn great)

#eyebrowgoals : Cara Delavigne

#husbandgoals : Ryan Reynolds

#familygoals: The Beckhams

#bodygoalsjustafterhavingababy : Kate Middleton

#everythinggoals : Blake Lively

#babygoals : Prince George

The internet lingo and fads seem to be evolving at a rate and even I , a child of the internet cannot seem to keep up but fear not I am very much still an expert on such matters.

Teenagers and young adults alike are becoming obsessed with worshiping others for rather pointless things .Normal goals would usually revolve around strivng towards an A on a test. I am all for goals , as long as they are realistic , for instance during my regular internet prowls , I saw tweet with pictures of Kourtney and Scott with #relationshipgoals and I couldn’t be more dissapointed with the world because firstly that family is next level stupid (not that they don’t make for great entertainment) but he is a constant partier and alcoholic but hey he makes cute babies so that makes everything okay ? Now if you want #relationshipgoals look to your bickering grandparents who have been together for 50+ years , that is what you should aspire to.

I believe that commenting #goals on a persons picture or tweet is more of a polite way of saying ” I am really jealous and kind of what your life”  but at the same time I understand that is just a fad and will probably die down.

What I really want is for people to take goals seriously and make them attainable , so teenagers of the world  I advise you to take a step back from the social media madness and evaluate what really matters to you and then after that procrastinate attaining those goals as much as you want ( I can only ask  for so much of you)