2016 in a nutshell

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Finally, we have reached the pinnacle end to the traumatic disgrace of a year that is 2016. Honestly, personally and publicly this year has been an absolute suck fest, but I did feel better knowing I was not alone in this. Alas, my yearly round-up is here to summarize a few pop culture tidbits. I have done extensive research and put tons of thought into my choices (this is a lie but you will deal)

Song Of The Year: I usually can never choose just one, so here are two songs that were probably overplayed on the radio and still linger in your head:

Closer- The Chainsmokers ft. Halsey

Black Beatles- Rae Sremmurd ft.Gucci Mane (THAT GIRL IS A REAL ROUND PIZZA)

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Best Movie: Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them

Call me unjust and biased and I will merely shrug it off, because this movie is the true shining gem of 2016. It captivated audiences and while feeling familiar was breathtakingly new. Newt charmed us with awkwardness and wit, the niffler stole our hearts, Credence demanded our hugs and JK Rowling went to the bank with our money. If you’re sceptical about this one, just give it a try and I hope you won’t be disappointed.

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Worst Movie: Sausage Party 

Great concept I am sure, but traumatic and distasteful nevertheless.

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Best Animation: Zootopia

This movie wins hands down for me, it managed to capture delightful puns, important social messages, adorable animals and catchy tunes.  It is truly the perfect formula for a winning animation for all ages to enjoy.

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Actor Of The Year: Rami Malek

Usually, I choose an up and coming movie star , but this year I will hand it to T.V. The now Emmy winner (FIRST PoC WINNER FOR BEST ACTOR IN A DRAMA IN 18 YEARS(as long as I have been alive))  first made me swoon years ago in Night At The Museum , then surprised and perplexed me as Elliot Alderson and will soon gain ultimate stardom by portraying iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury (so damn glad the role went to a PoC). Rami is talented and successful a true trailblazer to keep an eye out on.

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Actress Of The Year: Margot Robbie

As much as I hate to admit it, the screen siren stole the screen this year most notably with her perfectly demented portrayal of Harley Quinn. This Hollywood “It girl” is more than here to stay.

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Scandal: Kim Kardashian/ Taylor Swift video feud

I do not have the time to rehash this whole entire mess and honestly I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative.

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Viral Sensation: Mannequin Challenge


Joke Of The Year: Donald Trump being elected President Of The “Free World”

Oh, how I wish this was a real joke but as seen, clowns are running around ruining lives and this is no exception. My mind hasn’t fully grasped the concept of American idiocy. This is quite possibly the most 2016 thing to ever happen, only time will tell what the ominous future holds.

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Alright, I give up I am going to gloss up my lips with my non-existent Kylie Lip Kit, throw some shade, take some L’s , dab away the sadness and try to pick up the shard remnants of my life in 2016. I hope it treated you better than it did the world.


From Florence with love ( and a million dollar wall of flowers)

If by the title you are baffled , then let me explain . Today I dedicate this post to the extravagant , anticipated ‘Kimye’ Wedding. Before you unfollow me or pray for my sanity , please do understand that I have an obsession with pop culture and well ‘The Kardashian’s’ are the embodiment of 21st century pop culture and plus who doesn’t love a bit of mind damaging , pointless but downright entertaining reality TV ? I know I do , but moving on to the subject of this post , wall of flowers and all.



In all honesty , despite me keeping tabs on Kim I was more shocked than ever to find out that the wedding would be taking place this past weekend , due to the fact that the ceremony on the 24th of May being a private affair ( I guess she learned her lesson after Kris) . Entertainment broadcasters were kept on their toes , like most of the world and were unsure if the venue was in Paris or Florence , but alas Florence it was and boy was it a good choice.

Kim dazzled in a classic white mermaid-silhouette gown that featuring delicate white lace was custom-made by Givenchy Haute Couture and no one really cares what Kanye wore apart from the fact that it was a suit. There is a surprising lack of photos of the entire family together but reports say that her sisters’ were bridesmaids and they too , wore white ( isn’t the bride only supposed to wear white?) . After extensive searching I was still not able to find a picture of the little cardinal point , ooops I mean North West with her parents , clearly she didn’t want to upstage their big day.

There she is with the other Kris of course

NORTH WEST ♥ @kimkardashian | via Tumblr

All in all the wedding looked breath-taking , simply picture-esque and of course had a black and white photo booth , perhaps vintage or a symbol of their union ( okay , lame joke) but the huge question on everybody’s mind was : WHERE IN THE WORLD WAS ROB KARDASHIAN? The infamous baby bro to the bride did appear at pre-wedding festivities but was a total absentee at the actual event. WHY? is what one may ask , but hey who knows , some theories include his massive weight gain and inability to pose in pictures , knowing he would ruin them. Poor guy needs to get his act together or he might just be demoted from his Kardashian status for good, but I think this is what he would tell me:



Lastly since we’re on the subject of ‘kardashians’ I think it’s only fair to bring up the little Jenner of the pack , yes KYLIE . Apparently this 16 year old , I repeat 16 , was off making out with Jaden Smith  .According to a friend of mine (a future blogger ; watch this space) we know where the next Kardashian sex tape will be coming from , I think the culprit might just have blue hair too. Seriously though , what was she fed as a child? Growth hormones?


Shes so perfect ❤️



Okay , I think you have had enough Kardashian news for one day , until Kim’s next wedding? ( okay no I really hope this one works out) . I should probably go start my chemistry homework now , here is a Kardashian reaction to how I feel about it: