Kdramas: A Journey 


If you spend any considerable amount of time on the Internet and consider yourself a Television connoisseur much like myself, then you would have heard of K dramas. A.K.A Korean dramas. What was once a niche fandom, has exploded in recent years, Kpop as well has quite literally(yeah ted mosby is yelling at me for using it in this fashion) taken over the globe. 

I was very skeptical at first, and was blinded by only mainstream white romances given to me on screen and the occasional Bollywood extravaganza. There was a whole world of fluff I let go unnoticed and it truly is a shame that I came this far in life without them. 

While I was on YouTube about a month ago, doing my general browsing and binging, a video recommendation came up. “5 easy k dramas to get into for beginners” and my heart was set. At first the subtitles are bit disconcerting, the bright lights of Seoul attack your senses and so the campy effects and THEY REALLY LOVE SCREAMING. The characters are over the top in every manner, effects almost cartoonish and it just takes time to adjust to the unfamiliar cultural ways. Once you let yourself become immersed, there is no escape.  

Korean men dazzle you with their dewy skin, soft hair and coat + polar neck combos leave you WEAK. Seriously, Koreans are SO insanely fashionable, and it’s really cold it seems so it’s a plus for me in terms of modest clothing ideas. The actions are lively and the romances are sickly sweet but in all the best ways. It’s like cotton candy, you know you shouldn’t devour it, but once your start, you can’t stop yourself.. you might even reach for seconds. 

The first time drama I watched, resulted in me sleeping at 6AM, in pursuit of finishing it. They’re quite nifty and around 16 hours of pure enjoyment, and one season so no nasty cliffhangers but just expected romantic fulfillment. About 6 more dramas down the line, I don’t know who I was before them. I can speak a little Korean and can mimic iconic mannerisms and gestures, my soul is no longer my own but rather in SEOUL(see what I did there?) and a me a stereotypical Apple customer, finds myself attracted to ridiculous Samsungs. I’ve learned about concepts such as “second lead syndrome”, made memes from certain poetic scenes and mostly irritated the hell out of my friends with my constant Kwoes.

I can’t even describe how light and committed I feel when I start a new drama(also not all are good, I will attest to this) but hits all the tingly heart pleasure centers and I radiate positivity, that is when I’m not screaming at my screen when some utterly ridiculous obstacle gets in the way of my OTP(so about every five seconds roughly)

I’d recommend them to anyone who LOVES ROMANCE, sassy characters and who is willing to get to know a different culture with an non judgmental lens and also ready to never have a social life again. They’re progressive and fresh there is one for almost every mood, time period or ridiculous scenario. You might wonder how far back American TV really is and if you’re not too risqué this is as PG as it gets, I assure you and strangely, rather insightful. 


Swimming up the mainstream

*MAINSTREAM – the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are shared by most people and regarded as normal or conventional


Why hello there internet , it surely has been a while since you have encountered my inane ramblings , may we never part for this long again. I blame exams actually , the devil that snuck it’s way into my life , sucking all joy and feeding off my misery. Alas it draws to an end in due time and I simply cannot wait (it still isn’t over but who studies for English anyway?).

During my absence I have come  to see the world in a new light , I started noticing trends and social norms on my twitter timeline that are in fact considered mainstream , and as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them join them? So I dedicate this post to educating others on these so called mainstream things ( also this was a way for me to talk about TFIOS with minimum hate from the public , seeing as it is mainstream)





I know I say this a lot , but if you haven’t heard of TFIOS you really have been living under a rock . You get two types of people 1. people like me who have actually read the book and enjoyed and solely looked forward to the movie a little too much on every social network and 2. those who hated me for broadcasting my love so much. Okay so back to the point , the movie . I watched it on Sunday and in all fairness I will admit to crying silent tears and yes , I did carry tissues . While I was a bit upset by them leaving out the little details I so loved in the book but I think the actors portrayed the characters sincerely , plus Ansel Elgort is really , really hot. I decided too that no matter how much I love Augustus Waters , I would want to marry someone like Isaac , because I am sucker for funny guys.



You can stop hating me now , I am done , short and sweet.


At first I found this word extremely annoying , in fact I still do. Most people believed it was just a ghetto way of saying ” babe” , when really it means “before anyone else” . I would declare this the most pointless and overused word of 2014 , and it will probably worm its way into the Oxford Dictionary and ruin the sanctity of the English language like “selfie” and “twerk” did before . After continuously being bombarded by the word , I too fell prey to the mainstream. Someone please help me get rid of the word , and then  you can be my bae? ( I have lost hope for even myself at this point).





Okay so this isn’t exactly mainstream , but more a competition that brings the world together all waiting in anticipation to crown a new victor. Personally I do love soccer , but I grew out of it when I was a little younger , and I do not mind seeing constant tweets , what I do mind is girls my age who absolutely nothing about soccer who try to tweet about it , only to impress some guy. WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY AT GIRL? They probably spend countless hours googling the names of players ,just to get familiar. I do however condone it partially because is it just me or are those guys incredibly hot?





I am very , very guilty of this one , but can you blame me they just taste so damn good . So maybe pizza can be a little cheesy ( see what I did there) but it is like eating a hot slice of heaven and as for nutella it is made from the same people who brought us Ferrero and I have an excuse being born on nutella day , okay? okay. When I did however do research for this post on mainstream things , water came up , so because we all drink it for survival it is considered mainstream . Uggh you breathe air , omg that’s soo mainstream.

Nutella ❤

While they are a list of many other things that are considered mainstream , it would probably take me a millennium to list them all so is suggest you just visit weheartit , the home of all that is mainstream. In the mean time you shouldn’t be like me and obsess over what is and isn’t mainstream but rather do something because you like it . Remember hugs not drugs.


I am Tom















We’re all clichés in our own way

Why hello there internet

I am sure you have heard of embracing your individuality , let your own uniqueness shine .. but are we really all that unique? Some facet of your personality , aspect of your life or thing you own is in fact clichéd !

They are all around us you see , clichés in romantic movies where you make out in the rain or how good always triumphs over evil. Take myself for example , I would love to think I am as unique as they come .. but is that true? Nope no not even in the least bit and here is why:

  • I am anti-social and pretty much live on my computer , scouring through tumblr , I mean that’s never been done before .. right?

Asi soy yo

  • My most obvious and glaring cliché would be the fact that I am nerd : one might say I walked straight out of an 80’s teen movie , what with my glasses, braces ( just not the head gear type) , love for technology , fairly good marks and constant requests to do others homework ( I expect payment up front)

  • I am probably going to be a cat lady , I know sometimes I say this as a joke but honestly with my lack of understanding and contact with the opposite sex , it is inevitable

Those are just some of my evident clichés but I am swimming in a pool of soo many more , granted they aren’t exactly the nice clichés like blonde hair and blue eyes , at the end of the say I would still like to embrace my clichés. They make me feel like I am not alone , but instead part of this collective group of weird people.

While we’re on the subject of clichés , I would just like to say I want that clichéd movie romance , despite the catlady future looming . This is probably due to my obsession with romantic comedies and guilty pleasure of reading sappy romance books , but honestly I want it all.

  • Either the love at first sight or heated love hate banter


  • the bad boy turned good or the funny , sweet nerd preferably who looks like Dylan O’Brien in the internship


  • the sappy declarations of love after an argument , it must be in the form of a poem or serenade if possible

And most importantly the above mentioned make out session in the rain , because obviously no one gets sick in the rain or it must really be worth it … Plus if i tried this one with my laptop or nutella I am pretty sure I would get some strange looks

There you have it , my life is probably going to be pathetic , as I now live vicariously though clichés , but oh well . The next time you think “wow , I am such a unique individual” just remember… You’re just like everybody else.

“It is a cliché that most clichés are true, but then like most clichés, that cliché is untrue.” – Stephen Fry


This topic has been done to death by teenage bloggers all over the face of this big but really small blue planet but it is time I come out and admit it , embrace who I am and no … I am not a lesbian, just addicted to network spanning oceans and continents , freely available to comfort my constant state of boredom , with a webpage for every meaningless piece of human knowledge , yes I am talking about my partner for the long haul: the worldwide web or more formally known as the internet.

I took it upon me to do some research on the internet , about the internet and then got confused briefly as everyone likes to stake a claim in the invention of well my life , but the most mentioned name would be Tim Berners-Lee , so give him credit where credit is due.

Personally I want to know what is so good about the outside world anyway with their fresh air , beautiful scenery , captivating wildlife and human interaction , I am perfectly fine in the confines of my bedroom with comfy clothes and good food , oh for the love of god FOOD. I am always picking on clichéd teenagers of my generation when in actual fact I am one , just the weirder and less popular one.

But I have decided to turn over a new leaf in light if recent events m that being my summer holiday spent in my bedroom void of sunlight in some sort of cave , because I have realised it is really unhealthy. I need to stop refreshing my twitter every two seconds waiting , yearning for that retweet or favourite or stalking my OTP on tumblr and stop friending people on faceboook , hah no I am kidding , who even goes on facebook anymore?

How long will be semi intervention last? only time will tell… but probably about as long as it took me to write this post , so roughly 10-15 minutes or so. Being born in the internet age has made me cynic , I started of as optimist in dreamland with all the wehearters , then sailed off to realism with BBC and news 24 before making a final stop at pessimist island with most of you bloggers out there , which is incidentally where I currently reside , sometimes I take the boat back to reality , but I always return to my true home.

Anyways though , I hope someday I either grow out of this phase entirely or find a way to make money out of it (it has been done, but I am a pessimist so never mind).

Haha omg... 😂🐱