Dunkirk: A Review, ft. A Harry Stan.

If you dwell upon planet earth in the 21st century, you have heard of this not so huge deal called World War 2. This is the subject of Christopher Nolan’s latest cinematic masterpiece. It focuses on the Dunkirk evacuation(I didn’t know about it until the movie either)  and truly was an emotionally and visually splendid experience and yes, it’s that also known as that movie with Harry Styles in it.

For this completely unbiased review, I am consulting Harry’s supposed wife for her thoughts on the matter.


Give us three adjectives to describe the movie:

Nasrin: Phenomenal, Exceptional, unexpected.

Faatimah: Riveting, Emotional, Breathtaking.

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Reason to watch the movie apart from Harry?

Nasrin: Besides the incredibly good-looking cast, it shows you a side of soldiers than you don’t get to see and it depicts the struggles of getting back home, as well as different type of soldiers

Faatimah: As a history enthusiast, it was great to feel engaged with the story and the era At times it felt like you were a soldier or a pilot, and it further enabled the emotional impact. OH, and cute pasty British boys.

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Comments on visuals and the score:

Nasrin: The cinematography was brilliant, it had air, sea, and land. It had the clicking timer which added to the emotional build ups. visuals made you feel like you were there.

Faatimah: The story was nonlinear and you had to take visual cues to piece the story together, which helped because war films can seem monotonous at times and the gloomy aesthetics helped capture the dreary and miserable atmosphere, almost devoid of hope. The score made every scene that much more captivating and poignant, and gun shots sent tingles up your spine.

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Favourite character:

Nasrin: Tommy (Fionn Whitehead), obviously I love Harry but his character was a dick

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Faatimah: The fighter pilot played by Tom Hardy, who was the REAL UNDERRATED HERO.

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What made the movie stand apart from other war films?

Nasrin: The film focused more on the youths that were forced into war. Other war films are boring and lackluster and focus on the romanticism of women staying home and waiting for their husbands and loved ones.

Faatimah: By featuring an ensemble cast, it offered new and fresh perspectives. Granted, they were all white males, however, it allowed us to empathize with more than just the soldiers, but those men left behind, who felt their need to fight.  It wasn’t unnecessarily crude or graphic either, you can only stomach so many mangled bodies.

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On a scale of 1-5 one direction members, how would you rate the movie?

Nasrin: 4/5- because if I rated it with Zayn that would mean it sucks.

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Faatimah: 3.5



In all honesty, despite my reluctance when it came to Harry’s acting prowess and my general aversion to pure action movies, I thoroughly enjoyed the film. It might go down as one of the most surreal World War 2 movies I’ve seen this far, and it doesn’t hurt that it is factually accurate too. It’s no drawn out romance or sob fest, but rather a study of new perspectives and the human condition at the time, although it can at times seem plotless. My all time favourite movie with war as a major theme still goes to Testament of Youth, I highly recommend it.  Also, Dunkirk is best enjoyed in IMAX.


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I(2016) would very much like to be excluded from this narrative

I came into this world as the clock struck 12 on January 1st 2016. I was celebrated and embraced, kisses and fireworks marked my entrance and I watched silently as foolish resolutions were made in my name. Amy, Jess, Pri, have you guys reached your goal weight yet? Mark, have you quit smoking? Are all of you going to blame every event ever in the known universe on me?

I am just a regular year, run of the mill, truly and inexplicably ordinary, but it seemed out of all the years, I really drew the short straw. But humankind really is the dramatic sort, I didn’t bring you the plague, any world war or even bring back bootleg jeans(not that they’re on the same level as mass deaths  but you get my point)

Why does nobody remember the good I have bestowed upon your feeble kind, like the fact that world hunger has reached an all time low in 25 years or the that many endangered species experienced rejuvenation and how Beyoncé released Lemonade and had all of you “SHOOK”. Conveniently forgot to remember this? Didn’t bother to read the myriad articles of articles detailing my excellence? Of course not, you were too busy making me your Gregorian scapegoat. I have this urge to sue you all for character defamation , but it would just add to the list of reasons why I am villainized.

Look, let me reason with you, the bad things and yes I do acknowledge the bad things. were far beyond my control. Trump is a bigoted force of nature, The United Kingdom a country of emotionless pasty faces were bound to screw up at some point and well the angel of death certainly had it out for Hollywood.

However, I am the understanding sort and I see your need to allocate blame as a coping mechanism and so have decided to accept all your personal terrible choices, grand catastrophes, slew of deaths and many many twitter trends as my final act of kindness before I cease to exist. My good old friend 2017, who is soon to enter your lives might not be as receptive , no matter how much positivity you seem to throw at it.

In my parting words to you, I urge you to remember be as more than just the worst year ever and have a little sympathy for all the hate that I endured  only to pacify your feelings.Take comfort in knowing that I am at an end but take heed for what might follow.


Yours truly,


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(It is I, the author of this and 2016 IS THE WORST YEAR EVER IT FREAKING SUCKED, BYE)