English Tea

You engulf my body in your warm embrace and sometimes, 

I can almost forget the colonisation.

Chai Tea (Tea – Tea) you cultural appropriating narcissists. 

Haldi has been used for centuries to achieve a glowing body,

Inside and out.

Stop pretending your invented it for your trendy lattes, diluted 

skincare and juice shots.

Naan Bread (Bread – Bread)

If you need naan to handle the spice, 

you should just leave my food alone.

You’ve already bullied me for my home-packed lunch.

My culture is not a costume.

My religion does not oppress me.

My nationality and ethnicity are not the same.

Thank you to the English for my confused identity.

I should just add more sugar to my tea.

For the way I see the world is far too bitter. 


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