The soft ocean waves crash onto the shoreline and I feel them reach between my toes, but as it recedes it feels like my entire body is being pulled forward by water while remaining cemented in muddy sand.

We slather ourselves in sunscreen, head to toe as the warnings of our mother’s not to get too dark in the sun ring in our ears and so we pass around the bottle, with our sandy hands and the smells of salt and zinc permeating.

Then, the sun starts to reach its peak and by now we had swallowed enough water. We retreat to the glistening silver taps and showers to rinse the sand off our bodies in icy water. we can never really seem to get all the sand off though, as it has snuck up into even unspeakable crevices.

We walk the promenade wrapped in towels trying to dry off and soak up the vitamin D, surrounded by the infamous vendor carts with an array of sweets and water ice creams(maybe even a pair of sunglasses or light-up toys if you are lucky), but nothing could really beat a refreshing bottle of water.

A tray of dinky donuts arrives at our table, always half chocolate, half caramel hot off the conveyor belt, into the scorching hot oil, dipped in heavenly sauce and sprinkles all about. We fight over who gets to eat the last one as we all wipe down the remaining chocolate and caramel from the humble polystyrene tray.

We had done it more than fifty times by now already, but someone always wants to take a walk out onto the pier. I used to look down into the gaps waiting to catch a glimpse of the ocean before we made it to the end, where fishermen were lined up and we have a full view of humans simply being comforted by the sunshine, salty water, and endless chaos and serenity.

The day is not complete without, yet another food item, as we pass the hardworking women selling their beautiful creations to locals and tourists alike. We finally find it, the crispy pineapples covered in mesmerizing chili powder, a true Durban delight, a balance of flavour dancing on your tongue, happily commemorating the end of a good day.

oh my sunshine, how I miss you so, as I sit here surrounded by my blackout curtains and artificial lights, failing to appreciate even the littlest of things and longing for the days passed when my feet stood firm in the sand while the waves dipped back into the sea.


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