Love is Blind Season 2: Thoughts and Predictions

In 2019, we watched the complete sherbet show that was Love is blind, the social experiment which was extremely bizarre and yet enthralling. We got ‘two’ successful married couples out of this, and I say two quite loosely, as there was a clear fave.

Netflix in all its corporate cash cow – grabbing glory has since greenlit a season 2 and a Japanese remake. Season 2 features a much more diverse cast – for a whole ten minutes before we of course tune back into the main white love stories, and love triangle history repeats itself. The season has a strange focus on body image and weight in the most ironic way, I have never heard a man ask if he would be able to lift me up at a concert, and that was deeply concerning and creepy… shake I am looking at you.

Jessica, Mark, Barnett, and Amber: meet Shaina, Kyle, Shayne, and Natalie.

The dynamic which was the dramatic highlight of season 1, is conveniently finds its way into season two, with a sprinkle of diversity and the obnoxiousness scale turned up to 100 with Shayne ( I seriously cannot stand this guy, he has crazy eyes, spiky hair, and the worst voice, HOW IS THIS THE STANDARD GUYS). I am somewhat disinterested in seeing how this Ménage à trois turns out, but will of course tune in. A great podcast episode by my fave Caryn Welby- Solomon (my favourite South African popculture writer and podcast host) with Jessica from season one really discusses the aftermath of the season one drama and is certainly worth the listen.

Shake and Deeps (Abishek and Deepti)

The season promised diversity and sorely disappointed, but I am enjoying this storyline of the two Indians who only date blonde white people finding some form of love in each other and embracing their culture instead of running away from it. Deepti is also not a stereotypical light-skinned Indian girl which we are usually subject to and her wedding outfit from the preview gave me ALL THE FEELS. These two have some work to do in terms of intimacy and you know, not hating their own people but I hope it works well in the end.

The other couples just happen to float in my periphery and while I root for them, I am not particularly invested and this season just does not seem to be giving, but with 4 more episodes and possible plot twists, I will be watching with bated breath.

I would love to know anyone else’s thoughts on this and who you think will actually make it down the aisle and to the COMPLETION of the ceremony.


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