The End of an Era: Farwell Articles

I moved to Johannesburg to start this weird foray into the working world. Articles, no not the type that makes you a CA (chartered account) but rather you are a CA as in Candidate Attorney, yes we have articles too or as we now call it “practical vocational training”.

Portrait of a girl waaaay in over her head

I cannot fathom the statistics of unemployed law graduates struggling to find a principal to take them on and so I say this with the utmost gratitude that I was able to land articles at a medium-sized firm with all the flashy Sandton views, subsidised food, relentless working hours BUT a taxable salary. (trust me IT IS HARD)

so young, short, and blissfully unaware of what lay ahead

Sure, articles suck, but as mine have drawn to a close, I want to focus on a positive or rather 8 positives and dedicate this love letter of sorts to the 8 remarkable souls that I started my journey with and highlight how each one of them have contributed to my survival. This is about a group of people with whom I have no religious, cultural or racial commonalities with and yet, a group in which I have never felt more like I belong.

I will do this in an alphabetical format, so no one thinks I have any favourites and no government names, I promise, so yeah please do not sue me when you guys are all fancy big-time lawyers.


You are nothing if not the embodiment of passion. Whether it be for the law or for football, or the best combo, football law, you are undoubtedly meant to be doing what you are doing. A straight shooter who entertains us with woes of his love life, pop culture, and politics, you kept me smiling and constantly arguing about WHY men are MEN. Whether it be a catch-up at the printer, replying to each other’s tweets or you always calling me Faati(Woman) because the LPC can suck it, thank you for just being a constant source of light.


You mesmerise me, it’s as simple as that. You are vibrant, beautiful, brutally honest, and aspirational. Everyone needs someone who calls them out on their bullshit, and you were undoubtedly that for me when I needed to hear it most. You have held my hand, wiped my tears, and made me grateful for strong women in corporate. Your 2025 dream board WILL happen and I only hope to be your friend long enough to see it and capture the moments for you!


KATYY, my sweetest most fashionable girl who is more unique, hilarious, and intelligent than she thinks. You are and continue to be a soul sister with whom I walk about with fugly Birkenstocks and unknowingly get a whole history lesson on the origins of the uninhabitable Johannesburg. How do I even begin to describe the fact YOU are the reason I know I am allergic to aspirin, seriously your nonsense is contagious. Cheers to more venting sessions, online shopping, and coffee dates!


We met way back in 2018 and I still have never met someone who conducts herself and speaks as elegantly and eloquently as you do. A woman who always holds sage words of wisdom about life, faith, and love. I am so grateful for being able to get to know you and you can never forget the impact I have on your life because I am literally drafting your antenuptial contract.


Soft but fierce, you are a paradoxical unicorn. We may not have spoken much in these past two years but you remained a constant and soothing presence. You are ever approachable, understatedly funny, and a whole entrepreneur. Our raucous group would not be complete without your calming presence. You will be doing big things one day, so please DO not forget me.


The most youthful slay queen mum who I STILL want to adopt me. You are a dedicated mum, wife, in-law, friend, and yet still so great at your job. You taught me how to set boundaries in my life and showed me that you do not need to sacrifice a LIFE to be successful. My rotation with you was so chaotic and memorable ( a certain SOE who I shall not name knows why) and I am not just saying this because I SERIOUSLY WANT YOU TO ADOPT ME. A role model and stunning enough to be a runway model, your walking-in-heel talents will never not have me in AWE.


Drink more water my wanderer of dark hallways and custodian of the printer at all hours of the night. A more hardworking person does not exist and certainly not one who maintains such a cheery demeanour in the worst of times. You have been my chauffeur in great times of need, helped me out after many an office meltdown and the greatest outlet to fulfill my strange maternal tendencies. Take care of yourself please or I will intervene, do not tempt me, if I see you anywhere near two-minute noodles again, it’s over.

Maybe they say leave the best for last but Yuri, there are not enough words to describe the things we have been through together.

Yuri (grandson of Yuri of Russia AND Yuri of Japan)

Five-minute coffee breaks, hiding under your desk, driving me and my car crazy (filling water with a ghetto jug in the aforementioned car when I totally broke the radiator), and holding all my secrets in your full head of mostly no hair. 2020 was well 2020 and without you by my side, really we were lowkey inseparable, I would never have made it out alive. We relate to each other on so many spectrums despite being so different and please pass your exams so we can make sure we transfer each other’s properties free of charge one day.

Reading this post might be a complete waste of time but it felt important to me to memorialise the 8 positives that kept me going in the darkest of times (PLT accounting classes I am looking at you) and I only hope that we can look back on these two years with some fondness. Thank you to these 8 and the support staff of the firm who shall not be named for helping me achieve my dreams and please do not sue me when I publish my memoir one day.


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