I blame Riverdale.

It has been four years and five -ish seasons since Riverdale entered the TV circuit and the world has never been worse off for it. In the initial days, despite its gritty new update, I decided to watch season one and even reviewed most of the episodes weekly.

For a while, I could tolerate and almost enjoy it but as the show progressed it became downright unwatchable, unless of course only for the purpose of laughing at how bad it is.

But herein lies the problem, Riverdale opened the door for producers and creators alike to start ruining childhood wonders one by one.

Soon Sabrina in Greendale followed on Netflix and featured no delightful talking cat but rather enough Satanic worship to make me repent for watching the show and the actual Church of Satanism wanting to the sue show. It is not exactly what I would call ” your friendly neighbourhood teenage witch” that is appropriate for family viewing. Sabrina however, unlike Riverdale has at least received the axe and was mildly better acted.

Next, we have Nancy Drew and I would love to tell you all about it, except for the fact that I was not even in the least bit compelled to even give the show a chance. Heck, I will even take the poorly executed but at least fun 2007 movie starring Emma Roberts. A character, while embroiled in investigations and mystery was still light-hearted and witty.

I am no stranger to the underlying principle of SEX SELLS, but surely we should draw the line when it comes to sexing up beloved childhood characters?

Sometimes the world needs something colourful and saccharine to make us happy, not everything has to be shrouded in the grey-blue filter synonymous with Twilight. Bright blue skies are OKAY, healthy relationships and humour are what we crave. Reality, as it is is PRETTY bleak all on its own.

I write this post as I have reached my final straw. Earlier this week, Netflix released the trailer for their latest live action based on Nickelodeon’s cartoon series The Winx Club. The Winx Club is ICONIC. The fashion, the hair, the action scenes and sisterly love among them resonated with an entire generation.

What Netflix, however decides to give us is the Riverdale-ified version completely contrary to the source material. Wingless faeries in a gothic world harnessing the power of the elements, dawning dull clothing and being completely miscast. Not to mention the exclusion of beloved main character Tecna, but after the mishaps with both Flora and Musa, perhaps Tecna was saved from the same tarnishing.

It opens up the deeper conversation as to why these hollywood live-action reboots are so out of touch. First off, it is all adults behind the scenes, probably older than the source material itself. They are out of touch with the current generation. I mean, have we seen Gen Z on tik tok with lipgloss, e-girl fashion, dragging millenials. We are a generation of albeit meme-obsessed goofballs. Sure, we may have an edge-lord in our midst here and there, but we are also deeply rooted in 90’s nostalgia (despite most of the generation never having lived in the 90’s.) We do not want mature depictions of cartoons, we would rather simply watch the cartoon itself because it would remind us of the enjoyment we experienced as children.

Gen Z vs. Millennials Memes - StayHipp

Some part of me wishes that Netflix will see the criticism on social media and change things up, but they definitely already spent over their probably low budget and we must just accept the garbage and another, possibly older generation as there will likley be age restrictions of at least 16, will be given a very solemn introduction into The Winx Club.

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