Let’s Talk

I am not sure if this title is directed at me to me or the audience (who does not exist) that reads me.

nevertheless, let’s talk.

I trust you and your family are staying safe during this pandemic and not panicking over the loss of loved ones, losing your job and being held at the choke-hold of the corporate capitalist dictators. Just me?

As covid-19 continues to ravage the world, it took something from me too. My nani(my grandmother, my mum’s world, my one month lockdown buddy roomate). With the loss of my uncle in March, I was in auto-pilot, making sure I made it through a work day, but after being alone for three months away from everyone I love and coping with the loss of my nani, I was simply not flying anymore(the irony of this statement is also notable, as since level 3 when domestic flights opened, I have never been on a plane more in my life.)

As the haze of work – sadness – studying consumed my world, I one, who hypocritically called out people for getting married during a pandemic, did so myself at the tender age of 22 years and 8 months old. I promise it was legal (at the very least)

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Yeah, I do not know how to describe my 2020 either, besides: WILD.

Let us summarize, I moved to Johannesburg alone, started my first job, had a crazy roommate who stole my mug, my uncle passed away, a state of disaster was declared, I went home for a month, I returned to work and could not go home for three, my nani got Covid, my nani passed away from covid, I got married, I studied for and wrote my 4 legal admission board exams and attended PLT evening classes, and in the midst of all of this, I got stuck on a curb, had to have my car repaired twice, drove through a boomgate accidentally and my new neighbour then knocked my stationery car in the yard.


This year makes my previous 21 years on this earth seem SO vanilla, it even makes 2016 look like a joke and we all know how bad 2016 was.

To be honest, my neighbours over the past year deserve a dedicated post of their own, but I will save that for another time when the sudden urge to write again springs to the surface.

For now, I cannot wait for this year to end. In my mind, it already has. As the rest of the world experiences their second wave, the only waves South Africa cares about this December are the ones of the shores of Durban and Cape town (My apologies PE) because well, FOKOL, IT’S FESTIVE.

Is fokol is festive : southafrica

The urge to quit my job and runaway to a small town to start cafe/ bookstore is at an all time high (binging Dash and Lily on Netflix did not HELP.)

Anyway, that’s it for now. Don’t be stupid, wear your mask OVER your mouth and nose, sanitize, SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES, don’t be fooled into thinking Joe Biden and Mrs POC are any better for the world and pray for that damn phizer vaccine.


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