A summary of my brain during exams

Why hello there internet (say this in Dan Howell’s voice)

So , of course you’re wondering where I have been (not really but I will tell you anyway). Basically I have just morphed into this semi-diligent human being and am currently writing my trial exams (before my finals like forever next month and then I am done with school) Anyway , as I type this it is 6am and I am in the mood to procrastinate. Here is an intimate look at how my brain functions during an exam period:

Night before exam: OMG OMG OMG , we haven’t studied , you know nothing. SIT DOWN AND LOOK AT YOUR NOTES RIGHT NOW!

*5 minutes later* Haha why were we stressing again? You know this stuff , I mean you have only been tested on it like 400 times , just relax cut yourself some slack . Take a break , scroll on twitter , I am mean it cant be of any harm right?

*1 hour later* YOU SPENT AN ENTIRE HOUR ON TWITTER? DO YOU KNOW YOU’RE IN THE MIDST OF EXAMS? DO YOU?. You think you’re so smart don’t you? Get out your notes and start doing a past paper!

*30 minutes later* Ahh , umm .. I need sleep .. you can always umm.. carry on in the morning right?

*tries to fall asleep* oh so like isn’t an organic molecule saturated when it has no double bonds? Oh and half of this side is like equal to half of that side in that maths theorem.


*1.5 hours later* oooh wow you were so productive , we’re going to ace this paper . Go on , eat breakfast ,rest easy knowing you’re a certified genius.

*arrives at school before exam to see other people* Look at how prepared they are ! Waaaay more than you . haha you’re going to fail.

*during reading time* Oh nevermind , this is easy ,come on you gots this

*half way through exam* remember when you thought you knew this stuff? *sarcastic LOL* Just give up already , you’re never going to know the answer. I will make your head hurt to punish you *gets headache*. But before you go to sleep look at that terrible outfit that teacher is wearing.

*5 minutes before the exam end* WAIT . WAIT ! WAKE UP I REMEBER THE ANSWER TO

*pens down* Oh so you failed that , you might as well accept and never talk about this again.

*gets home and has an exam the next day* You know what? Studying will never help you anyway , if you’re screwed , you’re screwed. Take a nap , you deserve it. Oh and you know we actually knew the answer to 7.8.3

*4 hours later*

*cycle repeats*

I have come to the conclusion that my brain is sadistic and has a warped sense of reality during exams,as it is often misleading. However,my brain and I are in this together and I hope it goes better than I imagine. (good luck to all others going through this, stay strong and don’t trust your brain).

Comment down below if your brain functions in a similar manner

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