why hello there internet

On Monday , which seems like eons ago , I set a goal for myself and that was to get off my butt and actually post something on my blog that I have so carelessly neglected , but alas things kept on getting in the way. However the point of my tale is not to bore you , but to bring to light the concept of goals and how frivolously teenagers seem to throw them out on the internet. Perhaps this might clear up things for you a little more.

If I were every teenager girl on the internet my goals would be as such: (most of these things are pretty damn great)

#eyebrowgoals : Cara Delavigne

#husbandgoals : Ryan Reynolds

#familygoals: The Beckhams

#bodygoalsjustafterhavingababy : Kate Middleton

#everythinggoals : Blake Lively

#babygoals : Prince George

The internet lingo and fads seem to be evolving at a rate and even I , a child of the internet cannot seem to keep up but fear not I am very much still an expert on such matters.

Teenagers and young adults alike are becoming obsessed with worshiping others for rather pointless things .Normal goals would usually revolve around strivng towards an A on a test. I am all for goals , as long as they are realistic , for instance during my regular internet prowls , I saw tweet with pictures of Kourtney and Scott with #relationshipgoals and I couldn’t be more dissapointed with the world because firstly that family is next level stupid (not that they don’t make for great entertainment) but he is a constant partier and alcoholic but hey he makes cute babies so that makes everything okay ? Now if you want #relationshipgoals look to your bickering grandparents who have been together for 50+ years , that is what you should aspire to.

I believe that commenting #goals on a persons picture or tweet is more of a polite way of saying ” I am really jealous and kind of what your life”  but at the same time I understand that is just a fad and will probably die down.

What I really want is for people to take goals seriously and make them attainable , so teenagers of the world  I advise you to take a step back from the social media madness and evaluate what really matters to you and then after that procrastinate attaining those goals as much as you want ( I can only ask  for so much of you)

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