All that accompanied my Matric Dance

After copious amounts of begging , pleading and of course a little manipulation , my parents finally caved in an agreed to let me attend my Matric dance . The anticipation built up over the weeks but I didn’t really feel the excitement until I was  ready to walk down that red carpet , fake eyelashes and all.

your truly

It was held at the ICC (fancy place in my city) and I am in no way exaggerating when I say the class of 2015 has never looked more beautiful. The theme was a masquerade which is  overdone but extroidnary nevertheless and sure the flashy lights and sparkly dresses were somewhat epilepsy inducing but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There was large table filled with my favourite people but perhaps it was too large because having a coherent conversation across table décor became rather impossible.

There were of course some well deserved awards handed out ( none to me .. pssht I am not bitter ) . The dance floor opened with a performance by the schools leaders and yes after that I actually danced much to my own surprise , blame peer pressure. The music was rather ghetto with a few good songs intertwined. My feet are still numb no thanks to my heels which I did remove for brief instances but my midget state was not doing me any favours.

The night was filled with spontaneous photo bombs with my friend’s rather gargantuan date( I still want that pocket watch) , even bigger lines to take more pictures, maybe a little forced slow dancing(not for me I assure you) and a punch or two ( this may or may not be true).


The big star of the night was a beautiful , foodgasmic brownie accompanied by vanilla ice cream , I mean does it get any better?

Now it has all simmered down to nothingness and I woke up looking like a raccoon .Matric dance 2015 you will always live on in my memory and countless pictures.



One response to “All that accompanied my Matric Dance”

  1. I like omg totes love you and your blog! Hope you have a fab last year!!!! Btw youre so freakin pretty. Like seriously I’m jealous. Lol jokes! Kidding babes, maybe…..

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