My slow descent into exhaustion

why hello there internet , my dear old neglected pal.

I have missed you so , and yet I have no excuses for my absence , well I have a few but none of them seem sufficient enough. What have I been up to then may you ask ? ( I know you didn’t really ask)

well first up we have the obvious one being matric and all the accompanying stress . You always hear the saying that ‘grade 11 is harder than matric’ , well not even a month in and I believe that to be the biggest load of crap ever . I feel like people say that just to get us to calm down , well no thanks . The rush to finish the syllabus is on and well teachers don’t really care if you have 3 other tests or assignments due on that day , they will pile on more work or tests just for kicks . Next you have your parents pumping you with vitamins and their version of pep talks which is euphemism for if you don’t get 7 A’s you basically failed them. I saw a real change in my life with all these matric talks , the fact that I actually do maths homework now (trust me this is a huge deal) . I also have to casually dodge the “what do you have to study questions” while simultaneously spending hours stalking universities I will never attend. Matric is not all bad is what I tell myself in an effort to sooth my nerves , but it really really is all bad , seeing as my motto has failed miserably . Alas I cannot wait for to it to end .

During my hiatus I also turned 17 (yes I know young to be in my final year of school ,at least if I fail I would be the right age next year) . I am warming up to 17 , the year where cool stuff happens to the lead characters in books ,also giving up the naivety of 16 without accepting the responsibility of 18 and also the age Edward Cullen will remain forever (sorry I had to). Truly the day was amazing despite having double physics at school.

The blazing February heat has sucked more than just the life out of me , along with it went my creativity and will to blog , however next week proves to be exciting with my matric dance taking place ( going dateless of course  but it will provide tons of inspiration for a post at least) . A few other fun things also seem to be on the horizon , including whether or not I make a general knowledge team and the fact that I am an advocate for my school’s “bring back of wifi” campaign , a worthy cause I assure you.

For now I shall retreat back to my phase of denial where I pretend not be in matric and binge watch tv series instead


One response to “My slow descent into exhaustion”

  1. Oh god! The last line!
    I do exactly the same!!!!
    I literally pretend that I’m not supposed to study and watch TV Shows instead.
    (Watch them for hours literally)

    Happy Belated Birthday (for whenever it was). Hope you enjoy the year, and if you do- then maybe stay 17 forever? (Sorry, I had to too 😛 )

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