My motto for 2015

It is no surprise that the new year in a full , fast and raging approach  it does not care for the weak .Already half way through the first month I decided I embrace the jam packed , emotional and educational fuelled year ahead , seeing as I have one final daunting year of my schooling career. If I don’t act now and as quickly as possible 2015 will be but a blur as the years before ( is it just me or was 2007 like 3 years ago ….)

Without further a do my motto for 2015(I took a two hour nap around now) is “the year shit works out” courtesy of Shekha Makan , who came up with this when one or many plans had fallen into place and trust me there were some utterly ridiculous ones ,the stuff of dreams perhaps.

The year ahead promises to be a tough one , and surely in my bitter and cynical nature I tend to look towards the worst scenario and depress those unlucky enough to be in my company . So let this post provide the necessary motivation I need to get out of my slump and think about unicorns , kittens and rainbows in even the darkest of times.

My current mood right now as the weekend before school draws to a close is one of a melancholy nature ,  however much I do love school(yes , you read correctly) the impending dread continues to linger on and leaving me to wallow in a puddle of stress. For the first year in all 11 , I am unprepared , it seems sort of ironic the most important year and I am not ready … but hey 2015 is the year  shit works out right ? I am right .. right?

Senior year

Whatever you throw at me I am ready to take chances , spend half my life studying under house arrest and trying to convince my friends that our friendships can survive change in avoidance of the harsh reality.

Good luck to the class of 2015 and pretty much all of you who read this .. it cant possibly end up as bad as we think.


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4 responses to “My motto for 2015”

  1. Wish you all the best for your senior year 🙂

    Mine was so full of studying and slepless nights, I also lost my gramps that year, he got stroke—brain attack..
    Had some precious memories with highschool friends, euphoria of getting accepted in the college I’d always wanted (and in a major I’d never imagined)..which was turned out to be heaven & hell on earth.
    Overall it was a year to remember.

    (sorry overly excited to share my own story after reading your post. hahah.)

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