My holiday and its grand mediocre-ness

So as of the 10th of December , I have been on my summer holiday ,the one that’s filled with sunshine and romances and new adventures and other stuff that only happens on TV so when real life comes around  you’re awfully disappointed by what you get.


Now ideally I would like to be jetting off to some foreign land and experiencing a different culture , but alas life does tend to have other plans for us mere mortals and so this long overdue post will chronicle all the mediocre-ness thus far as promised.

With the festive season in full bloom and malls filled to the brim with eager consumers , as well as the impending threat from Eskom to leave us in total darkness , I opted to mainly staying at home being a hermit , it is indeed what I do best. However easy being home all day , lounging around in pj’s without a whim may seem , it can become increasingly difficult to find constructive means of entertainment , and so like many others I got up and prepared myself to do some marathoning , I needed the motivation to get through the blood sweat and tears that accompanied 11 seasons of the truly epic “Grey’s Anatomy” , within an instant I was sucked back in to he drama filled world with mystery , intrigue and my all time favourite witty comebacks . Is it just me or does that show really make you want to become a doctor , not just because everyone is above averagely attractive but because you can feel the adrenaline leaping of the screen , although that can be attributed to the casual hospital shootings or bombs nevertheless saving lives does have it’s appeal and yet my stress will inevitably kill me instead.

Keeping to the theme of fiction , I have made some progress watching various movies , granted not all of note(dodgy hallmark movies I am talking about you). But one I had anticipated more than others , even watching all available content on YouTube , it of course belongs to my guilty pleasure genre , romantic comedies and is none other than ‘Love, Rosie’ starring the beautiful Lilly Collins and the deserving of a minute of appreciation for his hotness Sam Claflin .These two are no strangers to the YA scene both appearing in book to screen adaptions before , ‘Love ,Rosie’ is based on the book ‘Where Rainbows end’ by Celia Ahern and follows the relationship between Alex and Rosie  two best friends who of course love each other as more than just friends but life and circumstance just keeps keeping them apart . Despite being held to extraordinarily high expectations , I was surprisingly  rather pleased although Rotten Tomatoes has their own elitist opinions on the matter.

Believe it or not I did manage to leave the house this holiday and ventured into society only to be disappointed (big surprise here) , but really the only reason I went out was to try out some new food crazes and coffee , of sweet and reliable coffee. The latest food craze it seems are donuts , but not just any peasant donuts , they are known as ‘Wicked Donuts’ . Personally by the time I tried them , the hype was this big mountain made out of a molehill , they were good donuts that I can’t deny but they certainly didn’t have the personality or charm I was looking for , I will stick to my trusty pal dinky donuts for now , however if you do decide to try them I recommend the “Caramel Sutra” , “salted caramel” or ” chubby donut” .



On to the next craze all over instgaram (not judging I am the same) this one is called “Scoop me s’more” and if you’re as dumb as me , you would think they sold smores , but in fact they sell ice cream sandwiches. In short you can customise your own one by choosing a cookie for the top and one for the bottom and a flavour of ice cream in between , it doesn’t sound like much but I assure you it left me in awe and probably gave me diabetes too , seeing as the cookie is ginormous . JUST TRY IT , currently it is at the Al- Ansaar souk (my least favourite place ever) but trust me it is worth it just for this.

To round up the boring post to match the equally boring holiday I seem to be having , I also managed to visit two new cafes this holiday , The boiler room café and Republik( with a K YES LIKE THE KARDASHIANS) , both had a unique ambiance and a quaint setting that draws you in ,check it out sometime . Also I seem to be addicted to hey day (yes how last year of me) , but new year is almost here and soon last year will be this year and it’s all moving so fast , have a happy new year and please tell life to slow the heck down

I found myself of a menu (at Republik)


Before I leave you for good , you should know pizza hut is back at gateway and is halaal . Pro tip : find something to complain about and your food will be free (true story)



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