2014 in a nutshell

2014 took me up into whirlwind , tossed me around a tornado and spat me out in a state of disarry .In melodramatic terms yes it was an emotional rollercoaster and I am happy that it is finally over but the year that follows is scary and nerve-wrecking( another day , another post) . This isn’t for me to go on and be depressing but rather to provide a shockingly accurate(not really) list of comprehensive events and people that we mere mortals have experienced in this extraordinarily short year.

p.s I am in no way qualified to do this and I did have help deciding( you know who you are)


SONG OF THE YEAR : this is always tough because some ridiculously catchy song arises every month but I have split it up into the two halves of the year

FIRST: happy – Pharell Williams , this song worms its way into your head and stays there for the rest of time , ironically ,hearing it made me exceedingly annoyed rather than happy.

Grumpy cat

SECOND : MY ANACONDA DON’T WANT NONE UNLESS YOU GOT BUNS HUN . Yes the infamous anaconda by Nikki Minaj , the lyrics are pointless and the video left me in need of  hand sanitizer for the soul . In an attempt to make my mum watch it , she started yelling religious terms within the first 5 seconds.



BEST : Guardians of the galaxy( I haven’t actually watched it but the reviews seem pretty incredible ) I will watch it soon and draw my own conclusion.


WORST : that transformers movie that shouldn’t have been made . Interestingly enough it ranked first in the South African box office , nice going fellow citizens , nice going.

ANIMATED : the lego movie of course was as epic as can be and has an amazing voice cast , recommended for all ages (seriously)
Dude Perfect | via Facebook


ACTOR : Chris Pratt (GQ man of the year) caught us all by surprise with his charm , wit and adorable personality (also was in like every movie , look out for him for years to come)

Chris Pratt  | via Tumblr

ACTRESS : Shailene Woodley , short hair and all emerged with a storm of success starring in two of the biggest YA adaptations (TFIOS AND DIVERGENT) . She possibly made us erase all bad memories of The secret life of an American teenageradd a caption

WHACKJOB : Jaden Smith and his insane life altering , incredibly philospical tweets left us all intrigued and amused , but to top it off the young star sported a white batman costume to Kim Kardashian’s grand wedding to Kanye West . Will seriously needs to take better care of his children.

9gag our planet - „Google“ paieška


this one goes out to two very young and annoying ladies : Ariana Grande and Iggy Azaelea , seriously what weren’t they in , please make them leave entertainment and never return (wishful thinking) . All my 99 problems are to do with them.

Cool ✌

GAME OF THE YEAR : hey hi remember flappy bird that made everyone nuts and abandon all hopes ?

but also the Kim Kardashian game ,  that I admittedly got addicted to despite better judgement.


SOCIAL NETWORK : the one only yellow dancing ghost app : snapchat made its rounds and makes me sad everyday watching the stories of people who live better lives than me (or so it seems).Kim

VIRAL SENSATION : the tame wet t shirt contest , initially for charity : THE ALS ICE BUCKET CHALLENGE , I have now seen some peers wet and cold and not all were incredibly attractive .

on another note ebola is somewhat a viral sensation , however more devastating and yet now the hype has become less , perhaps the media has found other stories to distract us with.

TRAGEDY : sadly we lost a great great member of society : Robin Williams will continue to inspire and live on for years to come , the legend will never be forgotten    :)


BADASS: The lovely and talented Emma Watson truly gives me hope for humanity , you go girl!

add a caption

WASTE TO SOCIETY : probably dear old kimmy and her desires to break the internet instead make a genuine contribution to the world . We get it , your butt is the size of jupiter , put some clothes on.

SCANDAL : remember when oh so many celebs were suddenly “hacked” and their nudes leaked? yeah , fun times (no pics here for you , you perv)

and that brings and end to this mental year filled with newcomers , cataclysmic events and panic attacks all year round , here’s to 2015.


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