Thank you German measles

One dreadfully mediocre night a 15 year old girl disease ridden and shunned for having German measles, tried to sleep and yet as usual she was plagued with thoughts and ideas she never dreamed she could share but perhaps in order to put her mind at ease , it was time to start a blog . Then came the 17th of November 2013 , and the rest of the madness had followed.

If you haven’t figured it out by now , today my beloved blog turns one year old , and it has  been by far one of the most surreal experiences in my entire somewhat puny life. Here’s a little backstory , mid way through exams I felt an itch and no it was not one to start a blog but rather I was devastatingly told that I had … you guessed it German measles , and so this meant I couldn’t write exams and was expelled into the depth of a lonely room with a laptop and some food , while others made something of the 10th year in their schooling careers. Writing had always been of great solace to me and what most people don’t know is that this is not my first blog . 12 year old me ventured into the blogger world , depressing bio and all and then completely forgot all about , next was 14 year old me and this blog was a secret , never to be told but like all secrets they have a way of coming out and I was far too afraid about what others had to say about me and so I regrettably deleted it never to be heard of again on cyberspace. Lastly came the caffeinated elfling , a very lame name I might add but just roll with it , it started off being anonymous but I quickly decided it was time to let go ( such a rebel I know).

With this blog I promised to keep updating the world on things they already knew about pop culture and natural disasters and yet I have made it the all about me show , feeling the need to express my irrelevant opinions to the masses and praying you can relate. In honour of my one year in this commited relationship , I want to give you what i promised , some pop culture bites and a short look as to WTF the world is up to now.

Kim breaks the internet but not by sitting on it (close enough though)

In all honesty it shouldn’t come as a surprise that someone who got famous by having a sex tape , is willing to bare it all , even if we believed she was reformed as a mother , I salute you Kim for removing your clothes for money , craving more attention and not giving a shit about the hate.

how does one do that without breaking their back ? trust me I attempted it (This is the only decent one I can allow on here)

Wake me up when the world doesn’t suck this much

Oh hey there didn’t you hear there’s am epidemic called Ebola that all the rich people are deathly afraid of and now the world wants to cut off Africa from the world . What most people fail to realise is that yes while Ebola is a deadly disease more people have died from other causes here in Africa like malaria and lack of access to clean water , but no one creates such a frenzy or uproar over that now do they? However I am guilty too for jumping of the Ebola hype bandwagon here in South Africa , where it’s most likely a new rumour will surface daily , the freakiest thing is in the midst of all this news coverage I started reading ‘The Fifth wave” by Rick Yancey about aliens who take over the earth and one of their “waves” was using Ebola to wipe us out .. yes I was left in complete and utter disarray as this was published mid last year . But I urge people to get educated about the virus and watch the news before making ludicrous comments on that which you do not understand.

Of course there is much more going on the world than just that but I must away and stop procrastinating seeing as measles hasn’t gotten me out of final exams this year. Thank you to any soul who have visited this page even by an accident , and more so if you liked what you read bad grammar and all , also to my friends (that includes you Shekha) for their unwavering support and for being my inspirations.

Here’s to many more years of me entertaining you with my delusions

2 responses to “Thank you German measles”

  1. very paparazzi, such inspiring XD – kudos to you! can’t wait to see (read “read”) what the next year awaits… don’t forget me, when you’re a published author :’)

  2. Well, congratulations for finding it in you to let rip your opinions and thoughts out in the big bad world of the internet, and being badass at it and therefore rocking it. I love stalking your blog.No really, you deserve a bag of choc-chip cookies and someone to buy you a domain hehe
    best wishes and all that for 2015 and beyond

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