Will you “feed” my need?

Take a long look at the world around you , or even the person right next to you , on the off chance that this person is engaging in actual human interaction and not constantly refreshing their dimly lit devices or capturing the moment , then you may leave and retreat back to your world of naivety .  Today in my attempt to aid procrastination and whilst drifting away in deep thought(simultaneously scarfing down two minute noodles) , it finally made sense to me as to why they call it an instgram/ twitter / facebook “FEED”.

In the general sense to me “feed” was that thing my mother did for me because I repeatedly begged her to suppress my ravenous hunger. Feed = to give food to. Along came social networks using the very same word , but i never really questioned it until today.

All it takes is one scroll , tapping the refresh button and there it is , the world at your very finger tips. You feed my need for acceptance and validation . You feed my need to be constantly updated on your well being , 2.5 kids and deep quotes that sum up your life. You feed my need to see the world around me , pixelated to the point where it almost feels real. You feed my need to be informed about the world news or which celebrity twerked or fell pregnant or had plastic surgery making her lips bigger than Asia.

This need is like an insatiable hunger waiting to be fed picture after picture, tweet after tweet. All I know is that I want to know everything , so one click turned to 400 hundred more , all pointless but never seems so in the moment.

As a generation we are obese and overfed but certainly undernourished by things that really matter. Yet still while being aware of our stupidity , we continue  , cutlery at the ready . Oh how I wonder what is on the menu today


7 responses to “Will you “feed” my need?”

  1. Right? like you’re supposed to use social networks and in small chunks but instead you’re actually living in small chunks? Too much time recording and seeing fragments of everyone’s lives and too much documenting instead of actually “eating up moments” we’re taking photos of our food. That was a too literal metaphor haha.

  2. True! I feel you.. that constant hunger, but obese and malnourished at the same time sounds perfectly fit my daily state. T.T
    Anyway, what’s “2.5 kids”?

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