Accept me , Accept me

Now I know what you’re thinking , is this about society , are they pressuring me to fit in and is my every whim dedicated to appease them in order to be “ACCEPTED” well no , not quite , we shall save that post for another day . Today comes a hot topic swirling around me since June , university acceptance , the overwhelming choices that can make or break my uncertain future. Not exactly fun to have these thoughts and fears colliding in my feeble mind . However I cant escape the fact that time is catching up on me , and I have about a year left of high school.

monsters university

It doesn’t help that being the last child means being the carrier of the expectation torch for your parents and trying to make them as proud as possible , and of course there is always friends and will our friendship sustain despite distances and decisions.

The main inhibiting factor however is confusion , as mentioned before I am completely lost on what to study and do with my life and this could be a problem as I apply to university with my grade 11 results early next year. Why don’t I get to backpack around Europe for a year to “find myself” ?

However instead of studying and getting my act together here I am procrastinating and celebrating the fact that I have made it one more year successfully doing nothing in maths besides staring out the window and getting yelled at for eating in class. The depressing weather which I do love has the ability to make me think about life , the universe and existence in general. At the tender age of 10 I decided that I wanted to study at Oxford University , and alas my high hopes were crushed when finding out that you had to have an existing degree and be invited to study there , but that didn’t stop me from writing and performing a play where I was a student. That is a major question as well : TO LEAVE OR NOT TO LEAVE?
My dreams of overseas studying were also dashed of quickly due to not having about a hundred grand for each year lying around , so all that remains is leaving Durban and having a new adventure . As much as I crave independence , home always has a special place in my heart because well no one makes Biryani quite like my mother.Untitled | via Tumblr

To end of I would just like to ask anyone reading this to keep me in your prayers and you will be in mine , I have also decided to build up my immune system and avoid contracting a contagious infection like measles last year and causally missing final exams .

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One response to “Accept me , Accept me”

  1. haha well instead of trekking off to europe, you should just try having a gap year after matric, rather spend a long time figuring out what you want than getting stuck into something you don’t much have a passion for y’know?

    good luck with your exams


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