Casual Saturdays , or at least my version

Hello internet ( it’s been a while)

To some a Saturday may be filled with on going social events and family fun where as mine is usually spent wallowing , watching TV series and watching the Sunday to-do list pile up , here came this Saturday which sparked enough inspiration for a blog post.

It started off with mediocre physics tuition (we cant all be natural born geniuses) and from then the day only got better. After about a month of craving Simply Asia and pinning over the movie If I Stay , I managed to round up some friends and convince my parents to let me splurge (not really).


It is no secret that I am too much of an eager beaver when it comes to Romantic movies but even more so when I had read the very book by Gayle Forman. Let’s face it , the movie was filled with your basic clichés , bountiful scenes of cute romance and enough emotion to leave you teary eyed. I desperately want a guy like Adam and want to run my hand through his curly fluffy brunette mess (not a creep I promise). If you’re in the mood for some good entertainment I suggest you watch it , and it will suck more if you’re forever alone.

After the movie I finally had the opportunity to order my simply Asia , and it was awkward when me a first time debit card user ( bow down to me peasants) forgot my pin code and got my friend to pay instead. Before that I met my twitter follower which was also a pleasant surprise and a bit weird.

Now on to the most interesting part , me having plans on a Saturday night , but it’s not like those plans were to go to school or anything (I really did go to school). My friend and I changed into our uniforms in a public bathroom and dashed off to school to guide past pupils at a mini reunion dinner to their seats. Due to my school celebrating 50 years of existence they tend to throw these meaningless events and parade us around.

It was however an interesting experience , the halls were filled with old and young mainly white ladies ( what up apartheid) who either came dressed elegantly , like old men , in the tightest pants imaginable or in barely anything at all. Now when you spend your life at a girls school and being surrounded by old ladies you tend to seek distraction elsewhere . Distraction came in the form of the hot waiter sauntering around in a bowtie.

me: I think he thinks we’re stalking him by now

friend: well aren’t we?

The closest contact was him brushing up against me , casual you know. The last thing to really leave an impression on me was a conversation with one of the ladies I guided ( to the wrong table I might add)

me: so does it feel good to be back?

badass leather jacket wearing lady : Yes , but it also felt good to leave

me: yeah I am looking forward to that

same lady : you should , nostalgia is overrated.

Thus concludes my eventful day , in the end i spent it looking out the rain glazed window and sniffing my free glorious cupcake. ( Rest of Saturday shall be spent watching the new episode of grey’s anatomy)



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