Do you ever come up with the perfect tweet and then bamn typo , life ruined? This is me on a daily basis and here is a poem expressing my deep rooted feelings

( keep in mind I don’t write poetry and well this is probably going to be a disaster)


The typo* ( For Carla)

I hit send and never looked back

to me it was perfect , no need for a second glance.

it had wit

not to mention a pun and sarcasm too


Alas , in an instant , my glee turned to sorrow

My fingers upon which I had depended , had betrayed me

Staring back at me with an ominous smirk was it



My heart skipped a beat

the internet will never forgive me , I yelled in despair


And then ,

only  then had it dawned upon me

My life is nothing but one big typo.







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