Hand me a scalpel and call me Dr Essack

why hello there my unsuspecting  victims  readers of today

First up I would just like to say that I don’t really want to be a doctor because I am a confused delusional mess but I did however undergo 4 days of work experience per my parents request. I held a torch for my Indian parents dream to have a doctor in the family. This blog post is dedicated to my 4 days spent servicing mankind , I did plan initially to have 4 separate posts for each day , obviously nothing too interesting actually happened.

** names of the hospital , patients or staff are left out because I don’t want to be sued**


Wooo woo woo

Day 1

I woke up ready , wide eyed and gung-ho to further the lives of many or so I thought , I was half asleep and in need of a shower. I managed to locate the lady who organised all of this , and she seemed about excited to see me as I was to see her , so not at all then. For the first day she sent me to the paediatric ( I CAN SPELL THIS NOW) ward , to tend to young lives , or more like watch nurses tend to them. I had anticipated so much more , like a rush of adrenalin , watching doctors work their magic but all I got were nurses changing drips and checking pulses , alas on the bright side children like me , they really like me , okay I lied that isn’t a bright side.

Day 2

Desperate to flee from kid central I prayed I got placed in a cool ward like maybe trauma , I know watching others in pain is sadistic but you have to admit it would be pretty miraculous to watch a life saved right before your eyes. Sadly my prayers were not answered and they sent me straight back to paeds and to make matters worse all the nurses I had befriended the day before , had the day off and most importantly the children I actually liked , got discharged. Day 2 was an all time low so I called my mum and got picked up earlier than usual and yearned for the next day when I got to go to theatre.

Day 3

DID I GET TO GO TO THEATRE? NO ! AND I WAS REALLY CUT UP ABOUT IT TOO. The hospital was being inspected that day by our lovely health department , so that meant no random student mucking up surgeries and well , failing the hospital . what did they do to me? They sent me back to paeds of course , and I spent my day in the play room playing a rendition of floor soccer with a child with a broken arm and a wanabe ballerina.

Day 4 (TODAY)

Today was a day of actual consequence for I finally made my way to the theatre but not to watch surgeries but instead to do actual work that I should have been paid for. I worked in the recovery nurse area and actually tended to people who came straight out of surgery and I have to admit it was pretty daunting. My favourite part was wearing the scrubs , mine were navy blue , had stapled pockets and were three times my size , meaning I looked homeless and dishevelled. The most surreal moment was when a patient returned after her surgery ( I did not know what type at the time) and when she woke , she looked up at me with tear-soaked eyelashes and told me she was scared , then she proceeded to put her hand out for me to hold as tightly as if my very existence depended on it. Later I had found out she lost her baby and then it all made sense , I help back the tears and swallowed the lump in my throat and prayed no one ever had to experience that.

on a lighter note : I held a bucket of placenta



All in all despite spending half of my life in paeds it was an interesting experience that I don’t regret although I am exhausted and feel a bit sick , probably dying from some disease I contracted. Who knows what the future holds , maybe I will become a doctor someday , I mean I did lie to every person in that hospital by telling them that is what I wanted.

(Also just as a sidenote I know all the codes to those cool sliding doors now and it makes me feel pretty badass , even if it is 1234#)

Check me out looking all horrible in scrubs











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