What it means to be the youngest sibling

Do you ever just wish you were an only child , or at least the oldest child? well here lies me the youngest of three having to go through most trails and tribulations of being a teenager , alone. Here follow a list of things one must endure when you were born too late ( we all know the last child was probably an accident)




Sure it seems kind of nice not to have any siblings around while you go to high school , but this also means you’re the only one who has to haul their ass out of bed at 6AM , get ready, eat breakfast and get  to school, How is fair? they remain silent wrapped up in a pile of blankets while I listen to teachers drone on for 8 hours.





Now this wouldn’t be a problem if my siblings were dumb , but unfortunately for me they are pretty damn smart. Even in university , which is supposed to be hard right? They still do well , which leaves me looking at my high school marks thinking i am a complete and utter failure. Do my parents expect good marks from me too? It has also turned me into this evil person that wishes they don’t do well , so  I can have some peace of mind ( HEARTLESS BITCH I KNOW)




All parents want their children to grow up and be successful , but for Indian parents they want a doctor or an accountant in the family. Unfortunately for my parents , my older siblings have opted out of doing both those professions , which leaves little old me to carry the torch for their last and final hope of having a doctor in the family.


As siblings get older , they get cars , and they go out more , which in turn leaves me stuck at home ALONE WITH MY PARENTS. How is this fun , take for instance tonight , this predicament looms over me and it leads to awkward dinners out where we talk about the future and school and also gossip about my siblings that aren’t present.


Here is the hardest part about being the youngest , from the moment you entered the world you were born to serve. You know how everyone tells you to respect your elders? well it says nothing about waiting on them hand and foot. The older siblings dictate the rules and one must carry them out in order to live in a harmonious environment.

Youngest Child's Role in the Family

Ahh , there you have it some of the reasons I hate being the youngest in my family . Why can’t my mum have another child so I may boss this one around , oh wait she’s old nevermind. In all seriousness people think being the smallest means getting spoiled a lot , which I cant deny is not one of the perks but most the time it is just lonely being with your parents.

One response to “What it means to be the youngest sibling”

  1. Hmm….your comment makes me think a bit…I am the oldest in our family and I always thought my younger sibs had it much easier than me. I was the one that “broke my parents in” so to speak. I was the one they made their mistakes with. I can see some of the issues you have here might be drawbacks to your position, but on the flip side of things, it’s pretty well-known that youngest siblings make better adults probably because they’ve learned early on how to get along with other people out of necessity and because their parents aren’t so tightly-wound by the time they’re born. Also, since you’re the last born, you’ll always have the advantage over your siblings later in life of still being the baby…and maybe you can’t see this matters now, but believe me..down the line you’ll enjoy that!

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