Swimming up the mainstream

*MAINSTREAM – the ideas, attitudes, or activities that are shared by most people and regarded as normal or conventional


Why hello there internet , it surely has been a while since you have encountered my inane ramblings , may we never part for this long again. I blame exams actually , the devil that snuck it’s way into my life , sucking all joy and feeding off my misery. Alas it draws to an end in due time and I simply cannot wait (it still isn’t over but who studies for English anyway?).

During my absence I have come  to see the world in a new light , I started noticing trends and social norms on my twitter timeline that are in fact considered mainstream , and as the saying goes ‘if you can’t beat them join them? So I dedicate this post to educating others on these so called mainstream things ( also this was a way for me to talk about TFIOS with minimum hate from the public , seeing as it is mainstream)





I know I say this a lot , but if you haven’t heard of TFIOS you really have been living under a rock . You get two types of people 1. people like me who have actually read the book and enjoyed and solely looked forward to the movie a little too much on every social network and 2. those who hated me for broadcasting my love so much. Okay so back to the point , the movie . I watched it on Sunday and in all fairness I will admit to crying silent tears and yes , I did carry tissues . While I was a bit upset by them leaving out the little details I so loved in the book but I think the actors portrayed the characters sincerely , plus Ansel Elgort is really , really hot. I decided too that no matter how much I love Augustus Waters , I would want to marry someone like Isaac , because I am sucker for funny guys.



You can stop hating me now , I am done , short and sweet.


At first I found this word extremely annoying , in fact I still do. Most people believed it was just a ghetto way of saying ” babe” , when really it means “before anyone else” . I would declare this the most pointless and overused word of 2014 , and it will probably worm its way into the Oxford Dictionary and ruin the sanctity of the English language like “selfie” and “twerk” did before . After continuously being bombarded by the word , I too fell prey to the mainstream. Someone please help me get rid of the word , and then  you can be my bae? ( I have lost hope for even myself at this point).





Okay so this isn’t exactly mainstream , but more a competition that brings the world together all waiting in anticipation to crown a new victor. Personally I do love soccer , but I grew out of it when I was a little younger , and I do not mind seeing constant tweets , what I do mind is girls my age who absolutely nothing about soccer who try to tweet about it , only to impress some guy. WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY AT GIRL? They probably spend countless hours googling the names of players ,just to get familiar. I do however condone it partially because is it just me or are those guys incredibly hot?





I am very , very guilty of this one , but can you blame me they just taste so damn good . So maybe pizza can be a little cheesy ( see what I did there) but it is like eating a hot slice of heaven and as for nutella it is made from the same people who brought us Ferrero and I have an excuse being born on nutella day , okay? okay. When I did however do research for this post on mainstream things , water came up , so because we all drink it for survival it is considered mainstream . Uggh you breathe air , omg that’s soo mainstream.

Nutella ❤

While they are a list of many other things that are considered mainstream , it would probably take me a millennium to list them all so is suggest you just visit weheartit , the home of all that is mainstream. In the mean time you shouldn’t be like me and obsess over what is and isn’t mainstream but rather do something because you like it . Remember hugs not drugs.


I am Tom















2 responses to “Swimming up the mainstream”

  1. Yes! Like something because YOU like it! I feel like a lot of people try to act “unique” just so they can actually fit in. Whether you’re into mainstream stuff or not, be yourself! Thats the only way to be original. Shout your TFIOS love from the rooftops! 🙂

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