The art of winging life

Like boredom , winging is a phenomenon that  I am an expert on. To be honest , I am pretty sure my existence was based purely on my parents ‘winging it’ seeing as I am the last child after 4 years and we are usually accidents. Now if you don’t know what ‘winging it’ is , then clearly your life is more boring than my own and no it is not applying winged eyeliner. I would like to think it is just me being stupid and lazy and so in order to pass school and life I resort to improvising at the last minute and hoping for the best , but if I want to be profound about it : since humans don’t have wings , winging it is like flying without wings and being brave .

"Sometimes, you gotta fall before you fly."

Since I am the master of procrastination and winging it is basically second nature to me and just because I am so kind and wonderful I would like to share some tips an secrets on how to master the art of ‘winging it’


Procrastinate to the best of your ability , leave everything for the last minute so you have a reason to wing it. This usually goes hand in hand with being disorganised and just plain done with everything school or life related

So true 😂


Remain calm , there is no point in stressing you have already reached the point of no return



Make sure you have really cool friends . It’s all fun and games to wing life but it doesn’t work if you don’t have a support system of amazing friends who actually study and do their homework ,so of course they can help you out. Sadly my friends I just like me and instead we all just band together and make the most of what we have. Having cool friends also means that they push you to go up and face your fears especially in terms of your crush.

I love her <3


have a cool mother like mine that will wake you up at 4am so you can do your homework and orals due for that day

With love, Charlotte. | via Tumblr



Exude confidence , even if you don’t feel it , pretend you do and it will all work out in the end

Dr. Sheuss❤ | via Tumblr

However fun it may be to go through life winging it , it can also be quite stressful , so maybe I do not advise it but it’s the best feeling when it all works out when you wing it. So give it a try if you dare and wish me luck in my future endeavours like the book oral I have tomorrow and haven’t even started .

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