Everything happens for a reason


Ahh yes I am aware that my title is clichéd , but I cannot conjure up enough brain power to come up with anything better . The past week of my life has been mentally exhausting and physically draining and I have let the precious frame work on this blog crumble and seep between the cracks of my life.

The second term of school had begun and I needed to make amends for the first , great amends, this involved throwing myself at school work and slaving away to my extra circulars which evidently they are a lot off , also  my laptop has been kept captive and I am still devising a plan on how to get it back , if you’re out there laptop , stay strong.

Every school day :?

However melodramatic I am in this post , I mean every single word and to refer back to the title , it seems like things in my life are finally starting to fall into place . I am at stable ground with a new / old/ reconnected friend , that I thought was lost to me for good and I , along with my trusty team managed to secure a place in the finals of an intense general knowledge quiz ( prayers and praise are needed)

But I owe the all time high of my week to a book. I read very avidly but lately T.V series had wormed their way and had made me forget about the delights of literature , a book oral for English is what united me to possibly one of my favourite books and I haven’t even finished it yet. The book is called Lexicon by Max Barry and is considered a conspiracy thriller , it deals with the power of words , manipulation , brain chemistry and persuasion , while maintaining an underlying plot , I highly recommend it....


I will try my best to come up with something that I usually post about life and being a teenager and what not but possibly over the impending public holidays . I also have a speech to write for Monday and no topic , help and good luck shall be appreciated but for now I leave you with a quote from Lexicon and some nifty questions from the book that tell me a lot about a person

“The most fundamental thing about a person is desire. It defines them. Tell me what a person wants, truly wants, and I’ll tell you who they are, and how to persuade them.”
Max Barry, Lexicon

Are you a cat person or dog person ?

what is your favourite colour?

think of a number between one and hundred

do you love your family?

why did you do it?


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