A social life

Ever so often my holiday pops around and after the disastrous tragedy that was the first term , let’s just say it was long over due , granted it will only last a week ( and a few public holidays a little later). I intend to make the most of this week and by that of course I mean vegetate , as usual.

I have absolutely no social life and sometimes being alone is the best and worst feeling ever. I switch my phone off and ignore my adoring fans for a few hours , take out my one and only laptop and scour the internet .Recently I have entered the realm of the 7 kingdoms and yes I mean Game of Thrones ( don’t judge me…Gendry though) I actually like it and get your mind out off the gutter not the parts you think. It is downright addictive and I go through this constant dilemma of :

Hibernation is key to avoiding people and in the off chance when I am dragged out to face the sunlight my thoughts are with my other family on the internet , especially this little blogger community . People in person have too much room to upset you and well to put it bluntly they suck

Sometimes after hours of being shut up and void off light I experience various epiphanies , the main one being what if I had a social life ? and met new people and went out like they do in Tv series and movies , maybe just maybe a romantic entanglement isn’t so far off and then I remember that there are a billion other people just like me and hopefully god has a plan for me.

I do however have a few social engagements of the calendar , I attended a party with fairy lights and lanterns and it was all very fairytale-esqe and I have sleepover where we intend to watch Shakespeare movies all night ( with good reason I assure you) oh and the cherry on top the cake : I am going to school in my holidays .. yeah the universe is laughing at me I know it.

Picture of the party:



2 responses to “A social life”

  1. Thanks for following CollectionOfAwesome.com … I loved the image of “go to sleep… watch next episode”. I’m currently burning through The Walking Dead and often have to figure out if I can spare the sleep to continue with the storyline. Enjoy GoT… the books are awesome.

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