Fairytales : Expectation vs. reality

Due to my constant state of loneliness and boredom , I caved in and started watching all those Disney movies with the princesses who find love and it is all magical and you sing and dance because life is just fantastic when you have a guy in your life . I am probably going to get hate mail for saying I dislike “the little mermaid” and I much rather prefer movies like “Mulan” because how badass is she? But while we’re on the subject can i have Flynn Rider .. Please?

flynn rider | via Facebook

As young girls we grew up watching princesses find their princes ( all of a sudden meeting a stranger wasn’t a danger?) but of course this solidified our unrealistic expectations , just like most books and movies. Here is the modern day expectation vs. the modern day reality.


Boy and girl randomly bump into each other , gaze longingly into each other’s eyes and a connection is formed . He asks you out to coffee , you share stories and your feelings deepen . You exchange numbers , he calls you every night and you have cute fights. A few years later after some bumps and evil step mothers along the way , or you know you leave you shoe behind on that first date , he proposes to you ( before your older sister gets married too) and of course YOU LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER.




*Boy messages girl on facebook*

boy: u luk hot in ur pic

girl : uhh thank you

boy : bbm pin ?

Eventually she despite her intellect gives in , the boy probably asks her for some other girls pin instead or you know they have this instant connection which he has with like 6 other girls at the same time and well you know the rest.




I understand that we are apart of the technological age where everything is faster and easier , but it would be nice to meet someone face to face in some strange way like fate had orchestrated it , rather than stalking my crush on every social network ,before saying one word to him. Yeah I am probably old fashioned in my thinking , but it was a heck of a lot cuter back then . Do you want to tell your kids ” I met your dad online”





2 responses to “Fairytales : Expectation vs. reality”

  1. You are voicing so many thoughts in my own head here. I’m working on a writing right now for my club that deals with this very thing. It’ll be posted sometime later this week, but suffice it to say….we’re definitely on the same page!

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