My guide to understanding the internet

So I finally took the day off to recover from my sickness and as a result , due to the lack off insane friends , I am as bored as can be . But the who is always there for me to lend a helping hand in times of need , such as these ? The internet of course. The internet has been around for quite sometime and all through my existence , but there have been changes since it required a cable . Most old people don’t understand when I use certain terms , make reference to a site , hell here in Africa some teenagers don’t even understand my internet dialect. Never fear for I am here ( yes I know , I am cringing for having typed that) to aid you in understanding the internet , you will never feel lost in a conversation again.

surfin' USA with wifi | via Tumblr

We can start of with a few basic terms:


When I say ship , obviously your mind will wander off and think of a structure out at sea and well you couldn’t be more wrong . Okay , so watch tv right (who doesn’t?) and there’s this couple that you so desperately want to be together even if there’s the slightest glimmer of hope , you still root for them … well guess what dear , you ship them! Ship is basically the ending of the word ‘relationSHIP’. For instance while gossip girl was on the air , most people shipped Chuck and Blair , and they’re couple name was ‘Chair’ .



when I used this word in front of my mum , she looked at me blankly and wondered if I was high . If you haven’t noticed by now , youtubers are basically taking over the world . They’re basically these people who started making funny videos and talking to a camera and people started relating to them and it helped that they happened to be very very good looking too. Seriously though , once you start watching a youtuber there is no going back.

love them😊


This is for serious internet users only , tumblr is like this big , black , dark hole on the internet . It contains everything you want to and don’t want to see at the same time . People post pictures ,quotes , stories and basically anything , it is probably one of my biggest distractions ever and it is where most internet wars are started , the future battle ground for world war 3.

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OTP , stands for one true pairing , this is pretty self explanatory ,  that one couple that you ship more than any other.



here’s what you need to know , NEVER EVER PISS OFF A FANDOM . They are vicious and vile and made up of about a billion teenagers worldwide . A fandom is like an internet family , you all band together to support something or someone , take the beliebers or directioners for instance . Once you belong to a fandom , you call yourself something like fans of harry potter call themselves “potterheads”

I wonder

There are soo many other types of words and sites commonly used over the internet by weird people like me , but I will save it for later , that and I don’t want to scare you away. Not only do the popular kids have their own mannerisms , we do to . If you found this helpful than yay , if you knew all this already , then you’re one of us. Basically we live on our computers or phones and make up goofy things , but it sure is fun. For futher information consult , John Green , Dan Howell or Troye Sivan (A.K.A our leaders)

All day all night...


2 responses to “My guide to understanding the internet”

  1. Hah! I may have to print this out to give to people not in-the-know yet (i.e. people my age and up)! Awesome post and love that you have the perspective to write it!

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