Oscars , Oscars everywhere

Most of you would think I am referring to the Academy awards which took place last week , and you would be right  on one account . I am also referring to the much buzzed about Oscar Pistorius trial . The second one hits closer to home as I am South African , but to start off on a lighter note I will discuss the actual Oscars a bit , granted I am delayed.


Firstly why the hell didn’t Leo win an Oscar yet ? He is a brilliant actor and truly deserves that form of recognition , at least I had Ellen and her ludicrous antics to cushion my blow . Honestly I haven’t seen a better host with her constant mentions of J-Law’s falls( both last year and this) , add that with a selfie with the coolest people ever and to top it all off : PIZZA. Who said being a pizza delivery guy would get you no where ? I would really like to be that guy!


In terms of fashion there was nothing too amazing but no one made me cringe as much as they usually would . I loved the dresses worn by Lupita ( big winner) , Angelina Jolie, Emma Watson and mainly Gulliana Rancic.

The oscar

All in all it was enjoyable and a lot of the winners truly deserved it ( but LEO :'()


Okay I get it , this is rather a controversial topic. The Olympic blade runner turned girlfriend murderer? If you don’t know about this , too bad I am not explaining the whole debacle  and google exits. But these are just a few of my opinions on the case:

  • why is it being televised ?  I find that to be inconsiderate , insensitive to Reeva’s family and Oscar himself , give them some room . The tabloids and the media are turning it into a soapie , rather than the administration of justice
  • He is guilty , there’s no two ways about it , technically he even admitted it
  • I don’t believe it was premeditated but rather a crime of passion , committed out of rage
  • why are there over a 100 witnesses ? I think people just want a chance to be on tv
  • can the Americans hurry up with that forensic evidence please , give it to the guys on CSI , they’re pretty efficient
  • I love how everybody is suddenly interested in South Africa again
  • I hope Reeva’s family gains some form of closure and that everyone will shut up about the case ( including myself)

There you have it , my outlook on both Oscars , if you have any of your own opinions please leave them down in the comments.

9 responses to “Oscars , Oscars everywhere”

  1. I loved this. Totally and completely agree with the Pistorius case, I think it’s unfair that they are televising it. Fair enough they want to keep the public aware of what is happening. But come on, Reeva’s family needs privacy, and in times like this, being in the lime light for even Pistorius isn’t fair. Love your writing!!!

  2. theyll televise anything that can make money. it’s too bad for the ppl involved. they have to relive all of it a million times through interviews and re-runs and questions on the street

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