A 1000 what now ?

Okay so you know those list things that everybody does at the beginning of the year called new years resolutions , the whole “new year , new me” mantra but in the end we all are doomed to repeat our mistakes ? WELL GUESS WHAT I happened to accomplish one of those resolutions and believe me no one is more surprised than I am.

what might it be ? Reaching a 1000 views on my blog . Honestly I am dumbstruck by it all , this blog was meant to be a tiny little venting ground filled with my childish and pointless delusions , that I also happen to share on the internet and you know once something is on the internet it’s always on the internet ( whoa look at me getting all deep).

How exactly does one react in such a situation? A post of gratification of course. I do not acknowledge the presence of my some what loyal readers , not nearly enough . So thank you to anybody who has even clicked on my blog due to an unknown search term or sheer boredom and more than anything thank you for coming back for more , I don’t know why you would but I guess only you do.

Write it

Being a weird, nerdy , obsessive teenager with no social life isn’t exactly status quo but the internet has made me feel oh so warm and welcome and there are pessimists everywhere which I actually love. My inspirations for being a writer ( if I can even call myself one) are definitely John Green , J.K Rowling , Sarah Dessen, Markus Zusak and so many other exceptional human beings , so thank you to those who opened my eyes to the world of literature and left an impact in my life ,I only hope to return the favour to some other lost soul someday.

To some a 1000 may not seem all that much , but to me from down here in so called 3rd world Africa it’s freaking amazing and I hope you continue to enjoy my terrible advice , boring life and me being passionate ( to put it lightly) about my obsessions.

Lastly thank you to my really tall friend who is in fact almost like a Tree for your faith in me and I hope you enjoyed the slushie ( we made a bet , she said I would reach a 1000 by the end of Feb and I didn’t believe it , to be honest , I still can’t)

P.S I should be studying for geography right now but oh well , just pray for me

my expression when reaching a 1000:

2 responses to “A 1000 what now ?”

  1. Congrats! Anyone who writes is a writer after all 🙂 I know how frustrating it is to live in a third world country… every time something tiny or insignificant happens you get the fright/excitement of your life 🙂 good luck, you’re inspiring… keep up the amazing writing!

  2. oh lord… this post turned up on my phone feed wayyyy late (awkward silence) for now I guess I should congratulate you for your 1500+ hits!

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